Madam’s PERFEFT outstretched (on occasion) feet, and that lovely SIDE on sole shot . . .

Paye Lagu, Memsahbi ji!

Paye Lagu, Malkin JI!

And so forth, and so on or maybe the other way around, and as I looked at her (them actually) beads of sweat pouring down my brow while working out, I saw it.

Her foot, her lovely foot!

Being outstretched as she sat right there on the park bench . . .

. . . Now, for a bit of background on this.

I was working out in the park today, and I saw two ladies and a guy (and no, the guy wasn’t a stud, or didn’t look like I should say, hehe – looks are deceptive, but we went into that didn’t we?? ?)

We go into that daily, I should say!

And . . . the ladies looked Chinese, but I suspect they were from the North Eastern part of India.

These people are often mistaken for being Chinese, and by sheer dint of features alone you wouldn’t blame me, or anyone for thinking they were Han Chinese.

But there are many subtle differences, and yours truly KNOWS this from the years he’s spent in the subcontinent, and then some.

Were they gorgeous?

You’d probably say no.

They were both overweight – grossly so.

Skin show?


They were wearing loose salwars (boy, I have written galore about how much I like THAT garment!).

And as they relaxed on the park bench, chatting with the guy (I think one guy and his girl, or the other way around you say? ? – and their “friend”), one of the girls occasionally stretched her foot out!

And I saw the lovely pale ankles from a distance, that sexy foot, that sexy side on shot, and what I Wrote about at the OUTSET of this email came to mind. Straight to mind, pun intended!

And though it was a great workout and I completed it without further thoughts of this, I noticed the ladies (that one in particular) looking at me curiously from afar.

I noticed one giggle, and though ostensibly she was giggling at the guy she was with, we both know that might not be the case!

She seemed like Madam Cicy incarnate (her of the lovely Madam Andrea that I wrote about YEARS ago) . . .

Right down to the excess WEIGHT!

Boy oh boy. I saw Princess Joanie, or the closest thing to her the other day, and now this. Can we say the Universe brings what you truly want most to you when you least expect it!

Anyway, what would they do to me?

Perhaps Madam needs a footrest, and I’d kneel down, putting her foot in my lap as she laughed at me, and I’d kneel in that semi-squat position . . .

. . . Perhaps the other one would smack on the BACK of the head!

Perhaps they’d both kick me on the chest to the ground.

Who knows.

But I suspect the vibe traveled, and SHE knows.

And in that vein, I doubt she will read this, but . . .

Paye Lagu, Perfect Memsahib JI. You deserve it, and then some!!!!!


Mike Watson

PS – I almost came while flicking my nipples in the shower while thinking of her. You know how it is with yours truly and nipples – I need nary a touch ont hem to cum! A true sissy as it were, and I ruined my orgasm – NOT with the p spot this time, but with some of the techniques I have outlined (so damned EFFECTIVE in humiliating and keeping a male DOCILE, SUBSERVIENT and nigh on AROUSED!) in the book on RUINED orgasms. Grab it right here!

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