“An Ode to My Master Sir” from a truly pukeworthy Bozo.

An Ode to My Master Sir

My Master, his body is perfection,
His strong arms and legs rippling,
His giant cock a work of art with no equal,
Shadowing over his big full balls,
Both a beacon leading me open mouthed towards him.
My love! My God! My only!

My sluts cant get enough of me, as you can tell. Hehe. And who could? Im truly unique!

https://twitter.com/GavinTh04972823/status/1774510389805379608?t=SPD5qL_n8BhDhJFgU9fYwg&s=19. That is the actual link. Follow this slut, you’ll see how addicted she is to ME. Hehe.

In a few short days – four to be precise (he’s been following me for months, and I knew the time was ripe to STRIKE and I did )I have done the following –

  • Got him to change his Twitter picture to his real self ie slut – publicly.
  • Post groveling odes not just to my soles, but my dick and balls. Publicly!
  • Do what Priyanka does to the slave in Serving an Indian Goddess. Moooo! That was truly hilarious, slut scurrying around in public trying to find a “safe” spot to do it. It’s hilarious, her videos slapping herself while oinking …hehe.
  • Invest in courses – and books. Sissy central. 25 Million Dollars. Tributes. And more. Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots will be his next purchase. I’ve ordered him to do it today.
  • Remove all other contacts from his social media except ME.
  • Endlessly promote me, retweet me…

Most of all, I’m in his mind to the extent not a minute passes by without him shivering with lust to ME. He’s so in lust he sends me information about himself without even knowing it. Like a certain Venus once said – you’re dangerous! You could destroy me, you know so much about me.

So it is with Gavin Thomas – or should we say Gabriella.

I love the POWER I have over my subs.

They love it too.

And that makes it a win win for all.

I sent slut a picture of my bulge too this morning


Who could resist. Hehe.

I love reducing her to even more of a gibbering mess daily. Yes, bitch, you make me sick, so pathetic are you – but that’s your calling in life, and that is the road you are destined to travel – with Me at the helm, controlling it all with my sexy strong hands in a velvet glove.

And that, my friend is that.

Invest in my DOMINANCE.

You’ll be happier beyond your wildest dreams, and quick!


Mike Watson

PS –  25 odes to alpha males in underwear (with yours truly at the pinnacle ) is going like HOT cakes. Check it out NOW.

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