My lovely Soft soles…

I once wrote this about Carol … And she sure did deserve it!

Even the girls at the foot massage salon would compliment her on her soft “small” feet – the smell of leather wouldn’t go out of them even after she showered. Hehe. So cute!

“Your massage not so professional”, she’d often giggle at me when I massaged her. Maybe it wasn’t, but there was lots of LOVE IN IT!

Those lovely legs, anyway, I was chatting with another lovely lady the other night, who by all accounts is a strong farm girl like Sophia is, and “is very good at giving massages”.

But this isn’t about massages, it was what she said about my feet.

She loves them. Hehe. On the other Twitter account I created, I’ve got pictures galore of them, and she LOVES those feet!

She said I’ve got better soles than her – asked if I pedicure them – if I treat them regularly – and so forth.

Funnily enough, me?

I’ve NEVER, much like with my hair which so many people love, done any sort of special treatment for my feet – or soles.

They just are that way, buttery soft. And I wear flip flops everywhere, which women complain about all the time “dust sticking on to soles” etc ,but for me, it’s never been an issue.

“Your feet just like girls”, Carol once giggled.

Well maybe – you decide. Hehe.

But other than putting a bit of lotion on when it’s winter outside, I don’t really care much for them other than that, so I can just but wonder the goggling, fawning and such that would occur if I did.

On a seperate note, and this lady responds with “emojis” most of the time as she’s too “busy” to respond fully – nah, the girl is REALLY busy, not a flake like most out there who are staring at their dumbphones all day long … she’s a biz woman, well versed with Amazon pulling the shit they do and stuff, and … well, its hilarious.

She’s got guys badgering her all day, and she can’t reply to the 200 plus messages she gets.

As she rightly said, women get bombarded with Bozo Schofield type messages all the time.

And it’s hilarious, the ways the guys react upon being ignored.

Bald Schofield, well, it’s been documented here. ?

But other than that, guys – well, stop being so DESPERATE – my!

I still remember  a dude desperately sending me dick pics – one after the other. I had to block him eventually, he expected me to respond every minute!

And would whine if I did not.

And he complained about this lady using “only emojis”, “she never replies”, he was whining.


The lady and I had a good laugh over it the other night.

She’s too nice is Madam Han. Thank you, Ma’am! xx

And are my soles as soft as butter?

I dont know – y’all decide!

(They’re on the twitter account.. for now, for some reason I’m unable to upload anything to my site – tech issue, so y’all will have to follow the Twitter for more! Hehe)

Edit – We partially got the issue fixed, so here you go – hehe –

And thats that. Hehe.

I truly make you FOOTBOYS – WEAK! Hehehehehehe…. *evil*


*evil grin*


Remember, folks. Life is shades of X and Y, never “Z”.

NO pun intended there – lol – this is NOT about politics!

We are ALL shades of grey, and on that note, I’ll close this one …


Mike Watson

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