“Madam, please try this. You’ll have feet like butter!”

So, a long, long time ago I was in the Indian subcontinent – – with my then partner (at the time) ,and we were outside a foot massage salon no less.

No, wait. India (and the subcontinent) doesn’t do foot massage salons. That’s mainland China – by far the LEADER when it comes to both foot massage – – and dominant ladies, and they do it the best, my friend.

You, the customer recline on a comfortable sofa like a KING (both male and female customers obviously, so I should ROYALTY, hehe) while the masseuse (either one or two depending upon your preference) perches on a tiny stool in front of you … made to hold tiny bodies, or bodies with NO fat, but a lot of the Asian massage workers I’ve met aren’t that skinny (Liao, her of the Sin City Diaries – Volume #1 being a very notable example, and there are many others), and watching them perch uncomfortably on that stool while tending to your soles staring them in the face …

Well, it makes for great femdom if the sub is the one doing it – – but from a non femdom perspective, sometimes it doesn’t seem that great for the worker administering the massage!

Especially if she’s kneeling in front of the customer which used to happen quite often way back in the day as well. Truly an Emperor like (or Empress like, I should say) treatment if there ever was one!

Anyway, morality and feelings aren’t the topic of this email and neither is anything related, hehe. This email is about butter soft feet, and we were actually in front of a SALON in India – which offered pedicures for women.

And as my S.O. accepted the pedicure, the guy doing her feet piped up.

“Madam, why don’t you try this new treatment?”, he said, holding up some new form of lotion or something.

“It’ll make your feet soft as butter!”

He meant the soles mostly, of course ..

“Madam, ise try kijie. Makhan jaise per ho jayenge!”

And that’s what he said in Hindi, the local language in those parts, and for those familiar with the Indian Goddess series, you’ll pick up the drift of what he meant – – at least in terms of feet, hehe.

“Makhan”, for the uninitiated means butter.

Now he probably meant mostly the soles, and he was probably NOT in femdom – – probably nothing more than a good salesman and a great employee – – but the point – and that line – stands!

There is something incredibly erotic about asking – preferably BEGGING – to massage her feet – except either with oil or lotion (special lotions!).

Madam Carol did this so well. I still remember her telling me to do her RIGHT foot more. After all, that was the driving foot, and that needed more attention with those special, sexy smelling lotions she had for her feet.

Took her but less than a minute to fall asleep as I massaged her feet, so I must have been doing SOMETHING right!

The Pakistan Goddess I referred to in the “Off with you, boy!” email had the right idea too. In that clip (that I referred to in that piece) her servant girls were massaging her feet with oil, and as the old wizened lips issued the command, the VOICE was strident and commanding, and CONFIDENT – like Madam Jojo’ s – – anything but OLD!

And last, but not least, when it comes to feet, how can I forget Madam Pearl, hehe.

I bought her a jar of Vaseline “aloevera” lotion initially for her feet, which she giggled and accepted.

But little did I know of these things then, in terms of the PRODUCTS ladies use, and little do I know, hehe.

What does a footboy know? All I know is that I’m there to serve her like royalty – and make the lowest part of her body – her feet and soles – – look – -and feel buttery SOFT and oh-so-appealing – – and as for the lotions – well, Madam bought (or should I say she told me to buy, hehe) them and “threw” them at me during her nightly massages.

“This one for waist, boy!”

I can still hear that lovely sexy voice …

“Servant, turn off the light! I’m tired, and want to sleep!”

And on that inspiring note indeed, I’ll leave you be. Madam can sleep – and I’m off for my daily duties, hehe.

And for you findom fans out there – and fans of Madam humiliating you and making you BUY her things – well – read about how Madam Pearl did it – right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/submissivemusings/


Mike Watson

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P.S #2 – The TOES are an integral part of the foot, and while administering pedicures obviously need to be tended to, and what does one do with the toenails? Throw them away? Or … ?

I don’t know – – but Princess Krystal certainly did – – and what she did was the STUFF OF LEGEND, my friend. Oh boy, that white skirt, that first day … and those elegant lovely legs. Read more about it right HERE —https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/krystal-the-teaching-assistant/


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