I’m getting so good at working with ONe finger! Hehe

Nah, not just the middle one. Actually my index as you guys may have read, ive been working exclusively on mobile for a while, which might seem strange given my regular output, no pun intended, but I refuse to purchase another piece of crap computer – my last ones lasted 10 years each – this one barely two – and I refuse to go through that again!

In the beginning I thought I’d just do video but then I missed writing.

My writing had even more Taipos than before due to this, these days, nigh perfect . All happens for a reason eh?

Anyway, guys, for sissygams that one finger is most important!

Usually either the index or middle. And be sure to trim your nails please, it’s NOT, i repeat, NOT just a matter of shoving a finger in roughly like is shown in porn – much like BLowjobs in porn, that technique is bullshit.

Slow and easy always does it for both there!

And together with nippl and other ass play, they take you to levels of pleasures you never imagined,.let alone deemed possible.

Yes, your life will change like you never thought of once you order, and more importantly DO what is said in these products.

Start NOW.



PS – Penis Central is making WAVES, NO pun intended even for all the right REASONS. Get it now and find out why.

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