Alright, my friends – you asked, we finally listened!

I’m the sort of person that makes changes very slowly once I DO something – but this had to be done – it simply had to be done.

For years, we stuck with the old look for the site – even though it was a pain in the ass to use on mobile phones, the theme would not work right on mobiles etc etc – and even though a lot of folks told us the layout wasn’t that great.

It wasn’t.

But we stuck with it.

Never give up on an experiment, or anything before it’s time – Amazon can teach you that very valuable lesson.

Yet, when it’s time to make a change, it showl is!

And without further ado, the new look for the site – which is a LOT EASIER TO USE, lot simpler to navigate – and more – and we’re making it better!

Take a look – write back with your thoughts – we promise we will listen as always!

The old orange and purple layout is still there, but feminine pink IS the way to go for this one.


Back soon!


Mike Watson

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