Perfect Mistress Rachna, please BLACKMAIL me, and out me!

I so wish she’d out me more. Hehe. She did call me a faggot and sissy on FB – not entirely unexpected tho. I’d love her to do MORE! so nice, such a #brat, getting better and fatter, which I LOVE, her FAT TUMMY, lazy, I love it! – with AGE!

Memsahib, my hands are SHAKING as I write this.

As I hear you go to the bathroom every morning, I cannot control my LUST.

Hence all the auto pilot RUINED ORGASMS as of late!

A platter of your shit indeed, combined with the SHIT you give me in real life all the time!

Right down to the granny Pajamas, and decidely UNSEXY attire – and I can only see your feet – but when you go out?

Of course, you dress like a sexy, slutty, provocative air hostess – a dress I bought for you and so like!

Anyway, Madam has often threatened me with “outing me” on Facebook.

And sometimes, I wish she’d do just that!

You on this list KNOW about her – if not – read the last 5 or emails I sent all about her!

“I wonder how much y0u write about me, boy!” she once noticed with a GLEAM in her WICKED eyes! 

The gleam that was always there, and attracted me in the first place, and her to me!

Mistress, I’d love for you to out me on Facebook. Hehe.

Call me a creepy little twat like a certain Bozo in the UK did (except belive me, he’s anything BUT a stud).

Hes another one of those ass licking cucks you so USE and DESPISE, because they can never satisfy a real WOMAN!

And he’s a thief and broke perpetually (perpetually broke).

But anyway, Watson would love to be outed.

It’s a matter of when she does it.

“You only like boy penis, BOY!” 

And why do I tell you the obvious – and all this – when I have said it in the past so many emails?

Because she’s sick of this cuck, my friend. 

She’s looking for ANOTHER ONE TO DOMINATE! 

I’ll keep giving her money, hehe.

But for now, she needs a new ass licker, servant, someone NEW to wash the clothes, dry them, cook her meals, press her head (always), listen to her bitchiness, buy her a shitton of clothes, look at her shit and thank her, orally service her for hours on end … and of course, introduce stud cocks to her!

Maybe she’ll keep me too, who knows.

But women get tired of men, boy.

Why should men “use and drop” women.

SO can women!

And they should!

It’s just so damned sexy and the right way!

And these, my friend are her THOUGHTS.

SO drop down now ,boy – and send her money – NOW!



PS – Because first and foremost she wants MONEY boy, nothing else!

PS #2 – and then SEX. Like Madam Pearl did!

PPS – And then a MAID. Like ALL The women Ive been with , but especially perfect Madam Suvi! 

PPPS #1 – Odes to this queen  HERE. Get them NOW. You wont be able to BELIEVE what she does in real life, and she’ll do it to YOU TOO! She is SUCH A bitch! ?And that is so, so NICE!

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