Carol’s lovely, soft feet

Dear Reader,

She came into my life without me even knowing what was to happen. She was the best thing that happened to me at that point – for the past few years, and possibly, in many ways, my entire life.

She came, and went a short while later – – having changed my life for the BETTER.

Having sung her own sweet carols in the way only she could, and being as open to my fetishes as only SHE could.

Nary did I know in the month of July 15, that I was about to be swept up in a sea of emotions – emotions the like of which I had never, ever felt before in my life.

Most astoundingly enough, all this happened at a time in my life when I had very  little money – – was low on confidence (at least externally) – – and was struggling, quite literally – – and had no place to go at all.

No place to go. No-one to call “mine”. No-one at all to talk to (at least real, meaningful talk).

And like a flash of lightnight she came into my life and I hers – – and before I knew it, we were BOTH swept into a whirpool of emotion that we had never known before – – and the likes of which we have likely still not recovered from.

I still remember the first time I “came” to her feet – her lovely, soft Chinese soles, to be precise.

Her feet were, and still are some of the loveliest I’ve ever been fortunate enough to worship. Her feet are probably THE best of the lot, to be honest, and thats why she occupies a central portion in the “tales” (well, towards the end) section of “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland”.

For the past two emails, I’ve been writing about how I failed to seize the day with regard to many an “opportunity” to serve a dominant Chinese lady, but there was nothing doing in that regard here.

It started off innocuously enough, and curiously enough with me asking her to “help me find a cleaning lady (maid, but they call them “cleaning lady” in this part of the world!) – – and she did, and …

That one innocuous comment sparked off a chain of events the lovely Carol had certainly never experienced in her whole life – – and “experienced” though I am, I hadn’t experienced many of the emotions and occurrences thereafter either!

As I look back on that whole period, it was SURREAL – but the one thing that stands out is this – it was a real relationship to start with – end with – and still is, in many regards.

Ah, and the other thing. Those feet of hers, those lovely, soft feet … toenails usually painted a shade of bright red, and that lovely red dress she wore so often.

Or, the lime green dress showing off her bare legs to the best extent possible, and in that case, the toes were usually not painted at all! 

I still remember that one night on my vacation where I was on my knees, facing her soles as she was literally SNORING – she was that exhausted.

(NB – I spoke about “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” yesterday – – and have spoken about this before at length as well, and THIS is but one example of that. The Garima Madam series, for one, starts with exactly THIS scenario with a bit of a twist!)

And as I “pressed” her feet, it didn’t take long at all for her to drift off into slumber, and a most peaceful one at that! I can still smell the scented lotion I was applying to her feet …

She’d even tell me which “foot to press” – – the right one hurt more apparently because she drove – – although she didn’t do a lick of driving during our entire vacation (and boy there was a LOT of driving to be done on that trip, I’ll tell you that!).

She’d let me massage her after English class. She’d lovingly hold me and listen to me talk for hours – literally hours on end … and more … and the BDSM that followed was just a natural add on, and made it all the more fun – and enduring!

To this day, she smiles in a most shy manner when I meet her, and my gaze lowers to those lovely feet of hers.

I’m not sure if she herself knows this (her reaction to my gaze), but I’ve noticed it on many times.

It’s that vibe again, my friends. That vibe at play … a LOVING vibe, and yet dominant in so many regards as well.

Ah, my lovely Carol, you truly ARE the “Pearl of the Orient” as I’ve often thought about writing a book on.

Maybe I’ll do so someday – and YOU will – deservedly so – be the heroine! 

OK, so thats it for today. Unlike other emails, I’m not going to “summarize” the tips/hidden “pick me up facts” herein.

Read once – perhaps twice – and you’ll figure it out for yourself!


Mike Watson

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