Why try before buy doesnt FLY for serial refunding Bozos.

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Why try before buy doesnt FLY for serial refunding Bozos.

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Like a certain, if I’ve got it right from my friend, Glyn Schofield in the UK.

I said here I’d call people out for it, and now I am – he’s of course, by far the looniest and the worst, so loony I wouldnt’ even bother dealing with him – from what my buddy told me, hes best off in a mental facility i.e. looney tune bin.

But there’s so many people that just abuse Amazon’s generous refund policy, which to be honest is fair – “in general” customers are “honest”, and they only return if the product truly didnt match their expectations, but for the past couple of years, no more so!

Actually, there was always a percentage of the population like this.

Just look at the idiots in the past who went to Walmart – bought clothes – returned after three months of usage!

Truly, and some of these people were RICH – I couldn’t believe my eyes.

People just act like CHEAPASSES and cheapskates every opportunity they GET!

But anyway … if you’ve seen the above link, you know my thinking on this.

And, if you’ve seen THIS link – then beware – Amazon’s been cracking down a lot on all this, and the consequences can be more severe than you think.

(ONE BEING, you may end up in JAIL no less, no sexy women around either except “Bubba” if thats your thang, Bubba)
(Sad, but these serial refunders, Bubba IS their thang, hehe, not so much even “Betsy”) …

To me, I could care less about lost sales. Hell, as I said on my mini rant on Twitter, I get 3x more genuine sales for each of thsoe idiots.

But these idiots that pirate my award winning books, it just irks me – even though more people get to know Mike Watson that way, so its actually GOOD and a measure of how successful you are – these SHAMELESS buffoons that “read for free” and refund the next day, strip DRMS etc – the thing that irks me the most?

Is that they’re DO NOTHING’s and losers – and I dont want my books and products anywhere near them – trust me.

I only want REAL FEMDOM LOVERS, not freebie seekers and wackos, few things upset and piss me off and annoy me more!

Now, some people have had “so called questions” I did not address in the link above.

“But I go Barnes and Noble reading, I can decide!” 

First thing you know, on a site like Amazon – NO-ONE – I repeat, no-one – least of me is forcing you to buy!

Then you have the whine fest about “At Barnes and Noble” we can sit down and read the book, decide if we like it first!

Well, it ain’t Barnes and Noble – I believe Amazon done put that out of biz, and second, you’re getting what you want – AT HOME!

Whether its instantly (Kindle) or Paperback (delayed, but still, at home) – you’re not paying for gas, your time, traffic snarlups etc (and gas is anyway apparently in short supply in places like the UK these days, gas , petrol, whatever you call it – or literally BOTH! Hehe.)

So it ain’t B and N.

Even if it’s not tho, I allow a certain portion of the book to read for free on Amazon (or perhaps thats Google where it gives you that option).

Either way, you can read – and decide.

But these BUFFOONS that take the book, read it – then a day later return it?

They have NO excuses – and you know who you are if you’re part of that crowd, as far as the “it’s more expensive” nonsense I hear?

Look, if you want quality, you pay.

And you pay – a LOT.

You put in the hard yards to LEARN from the “Master” or Mistress or both of REAL FEMDOM!

IT aint for nothing I am called the real Mc Coy of femdom. I put in the hard yards, I LEARNT IN THE TRENCHES!

I did so myself without any help. (the opposite, actually).

Thats what real winners do in life – femdom – everywhere!

Not Bozo like Madam I want to lick your ass whines!

And really …

Given the above, given no-one forces you to buy, given you can read first before buying and so forth, save time, energy, what not – serial refunders deserve nothing but utter and sheer contempt.

Can you believe it, my friend – I dont blame you if you dont, but Pooja Memsahib … JI! – and (this one YOU REALLY WONT BELIEVE!) – “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” recently fell “prey” to this?

I mean, I dont believe it? !

Even a serial refunding Bozo ,with these award winnign world class novels – returns??

It just boggles the mind, such an opportunity to learn for almost free, and yet!

These people are just scum, like Bozo Schofield is.

And they deserve nothing but boots and contempt – NOT The sexy kind either.

Luckily, there’s still a lot of folks out there genuinely interested in finding, fostering, pampering and FACILITATING “simpdoM” which is REAL FEMDOM!

For those people, if you have not already, HERE is where you go.

Get that book now, my friend.

Truly the journey of a lifetime femdom wise!


Mike Watson

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