“Paye Lagu … Malik!”

So as I finish that last post about “Kendrick” and that beautiful cock of his, and MORE, of course (it’s really a toss up between which cock I’d suck more – my friend’s sexy, lovely cut knob as he lay there, semi-drunk and RELAXED, or “Master” Kendrick’s, pretty much in the same situation …

Gleaming knobs both, except one had that yummy taste to the foreskin … mmm! If you’re a true cuck, and love the smell of SWEAT on a MAN’s balls … a real man’s balls, and that “unwashed” smell uncut men sometimes have, then you know what I mean!

And for polished shiny cock heads, the shaft slender yet HARD, yet oh so smooth, and the bulbous head, the pee hole just COMMANDING me to stick my tongue in it, as my hands go for his nipples (I introduced him to nipple play too that night by the way!).

He didn’t get into it the nipple play as much as I do, but it’s definitely growing on him pun intended!

And that brings me to the central point of this post.

Those of you familiar with the Indian Goddess series KNOW by now the famous line “Paye Lagu, Malkin!

That was what Ms. Priyanka commanded me to learn FIRST OFF … the first words I ever learnt in the Hindi language as it were, and the most meaningful until now in many regards!

For obvious reasons, but “Malik” here means Master … not Mistress, as the other word refers to.

But it’s equally sexy, and that brings me to another central point.

When it’s a foot fetish accompanied by TRUE MALE SUBMISSION, or perhaps even female subs … is it the SOLE that turns on MORE than the foot itself?

And more importantly, which is sexier? Madam’s foot, with the sneer in the eyes, or Master’s broad soles … with a cock dangling on a set of balls as he looks down at you, preferably with Madam in his arms?

Preferably with Madam stroking his cock as you suck his toes, kiss his legs, do everything a true male sissy should, would, and does …

Or, you pressing Garima Madam’s feet while the other set of soles just stare at you silently, perhaps with a slight kick or two occasionally, or the reminder to get him another cold beer!

Personally, I’d say it’s the SOLE – and the SUBMISSION that is more of a turn on than the actual FOOT or the gender of the person, my friend.

It depends, of course, but I believe any true male submissive would agree to this.

It’s about worshipping the LOWEST part of her body – and HIS.

It’s about providing him or her with EXQUISITE pleasure as only oral can provide, and INTIMATE exquisite pleasure that you, the provider will never, ever, be privileged enough to get. You may get a rough hand stroking your cock before Master jumps back as you spurt to a semi-ruined orgasm (remember that? Hehe) – or you may get Madam raping you as you deserve to, sissy, as you keep leaking cum!

Or, you may just be locked up and hurting and never get release, while he does – and she of course does too!

THAT to me is the real sexy aspect of all this, my friend.

Last, but not least … gender apart, it’s incredibly sexy to call HER master too … why?

One, role reversal.

“Madam, you’re the man, and I’m your woman! You wear the pants, Madam. I should be faithful to you, but you can enjoy your sexual life with other men, and come home to a loving cuck, Madam!”

Need I say more than that?

And two, more importantly, this is often what they say in the Hindi language to both men and women – – or at least, they did in feudal times (and unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that is continuing in some parts of the country even today).

So that’s my take on it. It’s not so much the gender, or even the DICK, or the FEET and SOLES – it’s the submission that really turns me on.

Submission, servitude and CRAVING … for more of the same, and that to encapsulates true femdom so well!


Mike Watson

P.S. – By the way, don’t get me wrong. The theme of this site is NOT “male domination” – it’s female domination, but what is really sexy is working men into it with the express consent and according to the desires of your Goddess, my friend. THAT is how you become a cuck, providing you follow the cardinal rules laid out right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central/

P.S #2 – Oh, and if you haven’t been able to meet your dream Goddess as yet, you likely haven’t been implementing the tips I’ve taught you a “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” …

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