Meeting Sophia Ma’am …with her husband. Or, maybe with her long dicked black friend…

“He didnt even eat most of the chicken I cooked for him”, I remember her complaining. Hehe. Precious!

Before this lady – and we all know WHO she is – and WHO she is – and again, WHO she is – well, she met this black dude in a coffee shop, not remotely sexual, but it got sexual for US!

Any true femdom relationship does.

“You feel jealous”, I remember her giggling. “But why, you are more handsome than him, younger!”

Well, I wasn’t jealous. I just felt he had a long dick and … *shy*.


Anyway –  I didnt meet her with him, I didnt even meet her when she once asked me to meet, alone, at her house – in the afternoon – except at the last minute she told her husband, I got pissed, and backed out (though husband wasn’t there, it was something about “telling him, nothing to do with love” she said – I’m not so sure! Hehe. It was something to do to keep HIM on edge, and keep paying her more MONEY! Hehe) … and we actually got into a huge argument.

But I often think, what if I met him with her?

Maybe I’d be sucking his dick too someday (maybe not – since she wasn’t into him at all).

But lesson, I got … not jealous, but IRRITATED at something that wasn’t a big deal at all …

Now, I rectified these errors with Empress Cody, sure!

Good part – I learnt! And she cuckolded me after that yes, so it wasn’t all bad –

But for YOU reading this, the keen femdom lover who cannot seem to manifest anything remotely similar to you no matter how much you stay chaste, how hard you try, pun intended?

Like a Canadian friend of mine once said about all my dalliances “Damn, I wish that would happen to me!”

Well, guy talk and jackin off to porn might not make it happen, hehe, but it would make other things happen my man!

And back to learning, do so via the courses here –

11 Missed Femdom opportunities for YOU to learn from. 

And, affirmations wise …  “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” as well as “32 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a flame

And thats that!


Mike Watson

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