Why shrimp dicks are an asset, an INVALUABLE one – that every sissy should treasure SO, like GOLD!

And it IS GOLD!

Trust me on this, sissies!

I mean, think about it, that pathetic little wanker, an example of it here – it’s barely half as long as Ma’am’s shortest little toe, it LEAKS all the time, the foreskin makes it so look disgusting – EWWW, Glyn! – even when hard it’s USELESS (“waste of space” as a certain lady said – “pathetic” as so many others do…) … I mean, it’s useless in bed!

But remember, boy – you can still be useful to women as a sissy, do the housework, cooking, cleaning, be her soulmate, listen to her bitching- and best of all, be a SUBMISSIVE best friend to her, press her legs, clean the house, whatever she wants, be her toy – amuse her – let her experiment on you – be a slut for her boyfriend, lick his ass to turn him more so he can fuck her harder, there are so many ways!

Not to mention, what you lack in bed – or size, ahem – your BANK Account can make up for it, sissy!

Anyway, dominating women are SO NICE.

I was looking at one’s ass, and so wanted to kiss the ass cheeks, I ended up corrupting the DB by mistake here!

Not really- hehe. That happened because I was trying to do something extra quick. But her asshole I haven’t even seen and her lovely, somewhat big, pert, luscious, SPECKLED butt cheeks I’d kiss all day as many times as she wanted repeatedly and her HAMSTRINGS, everything was on my mind- coincidence – I dont believe in them.


So it should be – not just not believing in coincidence, but Ma’am’s ass making me so weak.

They may not always reply, I can hear them quietly enjoy the praise and giggle away which makes it SO worth it!

And thats the point.

That shrimp dick of yours, sissy, shrimps would get pissed off probably at being associated with them, but think about it, that tiny useless thing, that LIMP SKINNY shrimp dick (ugh) – at least its a asset in that you get to be laughed at – and be humiliated by women – and they get amused, which is the best thing!

Not to mention, sissies like us tend to have very talented tongues, and preferences for staying chaste forever (and then again, which woman would want us. ewwwwwwwwww Hehe).

And so, we please them more in bed!

Not to mention their MEN too … which takes it to new levels, I mean when you’re wanting to sniff her boyfriend’s ass crack just to thank him for having the most luscious PENIS HEAD – you know you’re STARTING TO GET SOMEWHERE!

(and that was Madam’s boyfriend, her of the long soles I mentioned this morning, I so want to put my tongue in his asshole and say THANK YOU Sir! And lick his perennial region to get him hard – for HER!

Perennial region, Rueben loved that too!)

But that shrimp dick and mind is where it all starts , boy.

Treasure it, use it, and amuse ladies with it, and drive your submissiveness to NEW levels, sissy!

And thats that.

Along with that, my manual on how to become the PERFECT sissy for her – and HIM – will help.

Sissy Central.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – If you have NOT picked up my sizzling hot course on ass worship – what are you waiting for, sissy? Do so NOW. Every sissy needs to be damn good at this!

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