Indian soles, sun drenched workouts and park … and the perfect “start” to the end of 2022!

Out there today in the park, I was working out – doing it shirtless, which I haven’t done in ages, years to be precise!

I did it today – which is a good harbinger of things to come!

The last time was in China in 2018, and I enjoyed today – every minute of it – as I did now – and towards the end of the workout, well, perfect way to finish off the year – two lovely bigger Indian ladies sunning themselves in the park, “trying not to look at me barechested” (hehe – that look, you know it!) – and in general, just relaxing.

And one of them was a lady I wrote about her before, fair skinned, feet (soles) shaped ever so perfectly!

Not to mention, the maids sitting in that park already had their shoes off when I showed up, as if to say, our feet are ready for you, boy!

I almost dropped down and kissed them and gave them a foot massage.

Mentally, I did it!

So should you – it should be another one of those affirmations if it is not already, it really works!

Anyway – perfect end to the workout, the day (night coming!) – and the year.

At a woman’s sole, perfect view, underfoot, cuckolded and sissified, never allowed to cum and the happiest I’ve ever been .

What more could a “man” ask for ?

Female dominance, my friend, is a noxious indeed “drug”, also the best and safest ever. ALL males over 18 need to partake, period, and do so consistently.

Our books, products and courses can but show you the way, be the guiding light – you have to DO yourself, but in terms of guiding forces, none better than us out there, that I do guarantee, its a fact, Jack.

And Jill!

And in between! Hehe.

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You CAN avail both offers seperately, but not at the same time!

And – my friend, a lot of you are on the fence and haven’t “done the thing” as yet.

Time waits for nobody, neither do results, neither does femdom.

If you dont attract it, and take the steps required to do so it will remain but another thought in your life, with no materialization and we dont want that.

Not only that – this is a GOLDEN opportunity for a lot of you to save some money, and big time at that – so get on this sale NOW and take advantage while it lasts.

The early bird gets the worm – just not MY wormie, hehe.

And thats that. Back soon.

Happy New Year again!


Mike Watson

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