“You can never have SEX with me or touch me . . . BOY!”

One night, perfect Madam Sophia (no, not the incomparable Sophia Bai, but the lovely Princess Sophia I’ve written about before, her of the “my feet are not elegant, boy!”) said the following while sipping on wine.

Red wine, that her husband bought, and by the way, it’s always the husband’s duty to keep the wine bar stocked at ALL times even though he doesn’t drink the damn thing! ?

“So let me try this, Mike”, she said, slightly drunk, but by NO means out of it or even close to it.

This was after our first couple of months, of course.

After the first meeting where she point blank told me “I’m married, boy! So we can be soulmates but nothing else!”

After she told me about her feet.

And after she (not so politely either! ?) quizzed me about the most important thing, the size of my bank balance, which she’s STILL quizzing me over as we speak, hehe.

And as I was groveling before her one fine night, she decided to “try it”.

(After she told me to clean her shoes PUBLICLY that day).

“You know, Mike. It would be good if you do this in public!”

Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve got the screen shot to prove it too! ?

And . . . that night . . .

“Mike, go get me a snack!”

“Mike, take the trash out, bitch!”

And the last one . . .

“Go and bring some water for me to put my feet in boy!”

All said in the TRUE spirit of a Madam, a perfect Madam who knows she deserves me as a slave.

Who she can send texts to early in the morning such as . . .

. . . “Wake up, you moron!”

Or, “Shut up, you fool!” when we have an argument.

And as I sit here right now writing this to you, thinking about her, I’m LEAKING.

Big time.

No butt plugs. No nipple touches. No nothing! But I’m leaking, boy am I leaking!

Madam Sophia is truly perfect.

They all are – – in their own way!

And I wish I could pay more obeisance to ALL Of them than I have, DO, and ALWAYS WILL!


Mike Watson

PS – I spoke about the other Sophia Bai up there, and she is such a dominant force of nature that I had to dedicate not one, not two, but an entire SERIES to her! Here is where you can grab the books!

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