You’re privileged to wipe her ass after she goes, boy!

One of the many things that Madam Priyanka, or the lovely Ms. Priyanka as I refer to her in the Indian Goddess series made me do on a nigh on daily basis was this – wiping her ass after she “went”.

Early in the morning of course, or whenever she woke up, and I don’t think I need to tell you “where”. Hehe.

And of course, the part about licking her ass (asshole) every morning because she was somewhat “constipated” at times, and as she said ,

“Get that tongue in, boy! It helps me go later!”

Perhaps not the biggest of turn ons for you reading this if you’re just into feet, and nothing else and certainly not ass worship (and not in the context I mention), but hear me out.

A couple of things.

First, true femdom is always about her. IT’s ALWAYS ABOUT HER, BOY, and if she makes you do demeaning things (and truly, the most demeaning thing wasn’t the actual physical acts I performed – it was HOW she made me do ‘em!) then guess what – you do ‘em – and thank her for it!

For the privilege, I should say.

And as a friend of mine once said, it’s not about whats being said.

It’s HOW it’s being said.

And that holds true for BDSM and femdom in general my friend. It’s true. So true!

Always, always more about the mind than anything else, and #2 . . .

Is this that if you’re into P spot play as a sub (or if your Madam is, or if you both are , or even if you aren’t, but you do it for her anyway as you should! ?) – then make sure to “go first”!

For obvious reasons . . .

Anyway, the most humiliating thing by far and something I truly did NOT enjoy was Ms. making me literally unroll the toilet paper out – and do the following two things before I was permitted to kneel in front of her in her spacious indeed bathroom while she went (along with all the associated noises etc . . . remember, Madam was usually constipated!) – eyes FIRMLY at the floor, looking at nothing but those lovely feet that drew me in all those years ago, and imagining that beautiful Indian asshole I had worshipped a while ago which was now . . .

You get the drift, and if that don’t turn you on, your probably NOT a true male submissive or a true femdom lover, hehe.

Anyway, the two things.

One, to write “Thank you Goddess” on each sheaf of paper which she’d giggle when she looked at it  . . . but she never actually touched it, of course. That was my duty!

And two, and this is even “worse” – to moisten the toilet paper so her pristine asshole wouldn’t get “chafed” as she put it, and she’s right!

Ever felt the hard toilet paper brush against you in most annoying manner?

Rashes and the like?

Well, Ms. did . . . and Ms. wouldn’t have any of it, especially with a servile slave around.

That feels great, boy!

She’d often say that while looking down at me in a mocking manner, ass cheeks spread as she bent over the sink, me fully exposed to her . . . well, we best not go there! ?


And as she’d smack me it would make my job that much more difficult.

Have you tried wiping your ass with a half wet piece of paper?

Soggy toilet paper? Not the easiest of things to do, but if it felt good for Madam, and it did, then it’s worth every bit the hassle for YOU, BOY!

And on that note, yes, I truly was privileged to serve her like she allowed me to – as well as all the other beautiful, lovely and ever so dominant ladies I’ve had the good fortune of being with.

It’s always about her, and it’s always a privilege, boy!

And the sooner you understand the better off you’ll be and the quicker you’ll be on the road to TRUE femdomsville, hehe.


Mike Watson

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