Sophia Ma’am and her stud from Turkey.

He’s young, virile (probably) , sexy … and … OH MY!

After Princess Sherry this morning, I just had to message Sophia, who I hadn’t chatted to for a long time.

Normally she keeps sending me messages.

Over the past few days, radio silence. I guessed something was up -maybe a new man.

I wasn’t disappointed!

It’s Labor Day right now in China. Madam was traveling home, and her husband was driving. Of course hehe.

And I never expected to respond so heartily when I just asked her naturally.

“Can we discuss your latest hot, sexy man you’ve been chatting to?” 

I didnt even expect her to reply.

Normally it’s a curt “I hate men!”

But this time, no. Hehe.

I thought so!

” Sure!” 

“He soooooooo cute!” 

” I like him, Turkish boy!” 

(I was already ready to cum by then. Hehe).

Did you sleep with him as yet, Ma’am, I asked.

“I wish I could! He’s so lovely ,majoring in English!”

“Ma’am, does he have a big… “

Big what?? She asked me.

“Dick”, I replied.

DIRTY, she replied back. Hehe.

“But Sophia is also dirty”, I giggled back. 

She then asked me how to communicate with him since he couldn’t speak English, which is weird since … well, she said he spoke good English!

“No need, Ma’am! Just sleep with him, suck his dick and … “

(pity he’s not in China. Hehe. And knowing sophia, she is FANTASIZNG about it, but she hasn’t actually done it as yet. Hehe).

“I wish I could see his dick! I dont mind seeing that thing which i like!” 

And then, of course…

“Drop it! I practice English with him!” 

Of course, always a reason Hehe. Either it’s money, or its English, and a short while later …

“we are pure like water”. 

Which I can believe but MAdam loves him!

When I asked her about me, of course.

“I never liked you. Disgusting!” 

“I would NEVER sleep with you!” 

“I need someone cook for me who is handsome and cute!” 

And the best part?

“You’re not allowed to talk about him!” (when I pressed for more details, we sissies love Madam’s boyfriends like our own! Hehe) .

“You’re not important, boy!”

All this while, Iwas literally SHAKING with lust.

I suspect Madam was too. Hehe. She loves it, a natural born cuckoldress is Madam!

And, of course, the last question I asked Madam (she was too tired to reply).

“My question, Madam. we both know most probably you will suck his dick!


but what if he cums in your mouth? Your preference, maybe something lese, but what if…

And on that note, I was exhausted too! I fell asleep, a short while later I message dher.

“exhausted” was her reply. Hehe.

I feel you, Madam!

Wondrous things have been happening in Mike Watsons life as of late, a credit card dispute I’ve been having miraculously got resolved too. Life’s good, and I have Princess Sophia, and the LUST she has always aroused in me to thank for it!

“Sophia, thank you so much! Your abuse truly makes my life FLOW!” 

“You’re lucky for me, my dear Sophia!”

And she is.

Honest thank you, Madam – I “love” you!

Best, Mike Watson

PS – There was a lot more to this conversation. I’ll detail it later. Right now, I just love Sophia so much!

And while fantasy is a huge part of her life, THIS Sophia and Madam Su – took it even further! Find out in the Sophia Bai series, hot as hell, hotter than hot can be!

PS #2 – Madam is by no means just a dreamer. She loves those hot men. I’ll speak more on that later! For now, just enjoy this post as much as I did writing it!

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