Massaging Sophia Ma’am at night…

Thats the lovely Princess Sophia, and Ma’am couldn’t sleep last night!

She often can’t sleep at night, I’ve noticed that.

And while I have not met her in a while (sad ME!) …I’ve noticed she’s been in a bit of a foul mood over the past few months.

Not sure why though!

But anyway, it’s funny, the other day I was bringing up a bank related (one of those China related) issues again with her, and she said the following (about something I could not control, so I forgot about it) –

“So Sad, what do you plan to do!”

Ma’am, I’m actually not sad for that. I am sad I didnt see Sophia for a long time!


Which I am …

But anyway, Madam often messages me LATE at night – when I am fast asleep.

I follow my friend’s fitness routines, so sleeping – or falling asleep has never been an issue for me, period.

And especially if I drink beer etc at night – out like a light!

Of course, IF I’m with perfect Madam Sophia, I do ANYTHING but sleep.

I press her legs all night, and I enjoy it,and I stay UP all night!

And when she sends me those messages…

I got one from her this morning, at 1 in the morning.

So reminds of me of Mistress Jyoti – or Priyanka, depending on how you look at it, she’d often text me late at night with similar messages!

And I’d go over to her house RIGHT THEN!


And then I’d press her legs, listen to her talk about the men she danced with, finally she’d drift off to sleep and then I’d sleep on the floor, next to those lovely flip flops – the iconic flip flops – that are such a great symbol of the book – and female dominance in general!

Truly, Indian Goddess is one of my best books – my FIRST book – and along with Cuck Central and Princess Joanie, still the most popular!

Anyway, Madam Sophia…

“Madam, maybe you could hire me to massage you at night!”

I can just hear her smacking me and telling me to SHUT up. Hehe.

I also asked her about her situation with her husband etc, if its the same ole same ole…

But I miss her.

She’s truly too nice, and right now, I’d just hold her and KISS HER.


I forgot!

Cucks dont do that!


Life is fun, my friend.

Keep it that way!


Mike Watson

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