His penis is so big, so THICK – so manly, he’s at work, I want to suck him off – MY! In the mens room at that, that thick cock head, pointing towards the underside of my THICK luscious female feminine LIPS – MY!

I want his cum on my feminine soft cheeks, STARING aT HIM WITH MY big, sexy, beautiful eyes .. wanting MORE, as he moans and GROANS LIKE A REAL MAN SHOULD! MY! While he CUMS! He is so MANLY, MEN, I love MEN SO, with their legs SPREAD!

French guy, one of the many I make hard through my words alone, and they keep coming – cumming – back for more, and I love whoring myself out to them for cock worship!

They’re such manly REAL MEN!

Anyway – take a look at this – MY!

I think I really look so SEXY THERE DON’T I?

Anyway – I once saw a guy “face fuck a woman” grabbing her by her ears – and that was so erotic in the sense I wanted him to do that to ME!

Lets face it, guys, lots of us look at the MAN’s PACKAGE in porn, not so much the woman, we look at how much and how the COCK is being served.

And we want to do it ourselves too. Hehe.

Lets face FACTS!

And him grabbing my handle i.e. PIGTAILS – ponytail so he has something to hold onto (my boobs are too small for now, hehe) …

(Bhagwati might love him though! she’s got huge boobs, he’d love her too – MY!)

MY! What a cock!

Or, even my ears while he’s in lust, using my mouth as a pussy DEEP THROATING ME WHICH FEELS SO NICE, that COCK HEAD, the pee hole against the back of my throat, my nose in those DENSE PUBES.

MY and I’m not even getting started, Id be tickling his prostrate, licking his balls, his PERENNIAL REGION, such a beautiful soft sexy manly SMELL, MY! – his UNDERWEAR – MY!  all of it, and FLICKING HIS NIPPLES TOO!

That sausage, that SALAMI, that BANANA, my, SO THICK! ???? I SO want to smooch his asshole too, pleasure him like I told YOU how to do in Ass Worship 101..

As a true sissy I’m honored and priveleged to please not just Mistress but manly Masters too … with cocks like the above that a certain Madam Han would love!

And in that spirit, I bring to you Penis Central – and Cock Worship for sissies and Faggots – and our latest addition, on Audible as well – “too hot for Audible, almost!” – “25 odes to alpha males in UNDERWEAR” – that BULGE a man’s dong makes – MY!

Back soon.



PS – that feeling when MASTER IS READY TO CUM, that underside contracting feeling, the swollen veins, MY! And I intensify that x 100! A MAN and his DONG deserve it, period!

PS #2 – There is a reason I wrote Nipplegasm Central and Sissy Central, the former will open doors of LUST you’ve never experienced before, and you’ll never go back once you try these techniques (no it ain’t “gay” whatever that label means!). And the latter, well, it remains a BESTSELLER around her for a damn good reason, read the book, you’ll KNOW WHY! (me with Bhagwati that book could be!)

PPS – Thanks for all the great and honest reviews, folks. PLEASE KEEP THEM “coming” – cumming – both! Hehe.

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