My first thoughts for 2023…

This morning, I woke up late – well, half an hour later than usual, after a lot of vivid dreams as usual. One of them was so vivid – as it often is – that I woke up early in the AM to write it down – in the dark and cold – when I could barely even see an inch ahead – let alone write in cursive with a pen!

I often do it that way.

An old “boss” in the dream was saying “I’m tired of seeing so many emails” when I was complaining about something that needed to be fixed, and I stopped emailing him immediately after that.

I can never understand it with people, if something needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed, if something needs attention, it needs attention, we can only improve when our faults and flaws are brought to light and the SURFACE. Most people do the polar opposite, preferring “honey do’s” and “oh, thats OK” and papering over their flaws “because I want to feel good about myself” and so forth, and therefore get nowhere in life – or in terms of goals they want to accomplish.


As I lay in bed, half asleep…

I was thinking of Nandini Ma’am and her lovely mother, I believe.

“Ma’am, mard aurat ke pero ki jooti hoti hai”, I kept saying!

(A man is nothing but the shoe on a woman’s foot it translates into, and a powerful, powerful femdom affirmation indeed especially given reality for the most part in the Indian subcontinent – is, well, the polar opposite my friend).

Simply saying it doesnt cut it though, as I said it I felt a surge of sheer devotion rush through me, I wanted her to take more money from me rudely, I want to buy her another new phone – what a Queen and Goddess she is, and her lovely school teacher mother!

One day, the latter forgot to flush the toilet, and I used it … and, well, as with a certain Madam Christina, who hated it (when her husband forgot to do it or maybe brother in law) – I saw her “logs” – massive ones – like with Madam Dana – floating in there!

I could have simply complained, said “ewwwwwwwwwww” etc etc.

(and, as I’ve noted in Pooja Memsahib … JI! Indian ladies, and those turds – so perfectly shaped!)

I did nothing.

I flushed it, then cleaned the toilet, later that evening when pressing Madam’s mother’s back – I was telling her …

“Madam, you forgot to flush the toilet”

She giggled in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry….” she started, even with me in that servile pose!

Please dont be, I told her, squeezing her tired muscles harder.

“Ma’am, apki poti saf karna to mera kam hai!”

Ma’am, it’s my job to clean your shit, and the toilet too so you have a spotlessly clean one to use!

They are so nice!

Pressing their feet, complimenting them on their clothes, the nailpolish, all this while, I was ready to cum – instantly – but the only penis touching I did?

Was, well, the tip of my phimotic penis which I pinched tightly – enough to hurt – every time I even FELT cum about to escape.

And then – back to my nipples!

NIPPLES – yes!

Sissygasm – YES!

If there ever was a perfect compliment to femdom – especially in this new year – it’s NIPPLES!

Guys, you really need to have your nipples tweaked, teased, played with, licked, sucked, TASED even – teased most of all – like you’ve never had before, and Nipplegasm Central teaches you how – should be, along with our books on affirmations – a constant companion with you not just this year, but forever, if you’re serious about femdom in any shape, way or form!

Anyway – then I thought of Princess Sophia.

Her men.

Her large, ugly soles “manly feet” as she so calls them … muah! xx

“Ma’am, I’m so happy you have more men in your life!”

“Ma’am, the fact is I’m your servant, and nothing more!”

Then, Princess Joanie, how she’d arrogantly do what I wrote about here …

Then back to Sophia.

“Ma’am, can I take care of your kids today please?”

And why do I tell you all this, the point if I may?

Well, its this – these thoughts aren’t just with me today “because its the new year or some special occasion” – neither do I force myself or even tell myself to consciously think about them, they’re there with me all the time, when I wake up, go somewhere, workout, all of it, that doesnt mean I dont focus on the other stuff – I do – but FEMDOM thoughts power it all!

After 250 pushups and  lots of Sissy Workouts as well yesterday with my shirt off in the park, nipples on FULL show, hehe – there was that lovely Indian lady I wrote about, sunning herself, big feet, big soles, shaped so nicely ! MUAH!

And all throughout my workout, even every time I took a break I wanted to give her a foot rub and simp to her.

What motivation and inspiration!

When she bent down to put her shoes on, I wanted to rush to her, put her socks on and shoes on while she sat comfortably so Madam didnt have to bend. Apparently Rachna Ma’am doesnt like to bend either! Hehe.

Lots of self help gurus etc make BIG money by selling gullible people the “Law of Attraction” for one.

People pay these shamians (most of them) huge money to learn about “self worth” through repeated affirmations.

Or, “how to say no”.

Or, “how to attract money to me”.

And so forth.

You know it – some of you probably do or have done this too!

yet, in the vast majority of cases, their clients fail to “attract” what they set out to, and in many cases they’re WORSE off than where they were when they started – pocket lighter too.

Sound familiar?

My friend, all of these gurus – so called gurus – either dont know, or are not telling you the REAL secret.

I dont chase femdom, or women, I never have – yet, all my life it, and them have chased me even when I didnt “want it”.

THAT is how real femdom or real attraction works, not the Law of Attraction the way its thought i.e. think about it enough and you’ll get it.

Thats part of it, but not the whole deal and if they have to tell you to keep thinking about it and affirm it to yourself, then you dont really want it, period.

If you really want it, it’s a part of you – no matter what. And that holds for femdom, money, life, anything!

Anyway ……….. I’d rather our kink therapy sessions for real life results in that regard!

But along with our courses on affirmations, NIPPLES, my friend – never ignore them!

Cardinal aspect of femdom… especially when you beg her to pinch them, and she giggles, grins, does it, looks at you with THAT look – oh my!

Nipplegasm Central my friend will teach you how to achieve bliss like you NEVER Have before – either solo or “with her” – and that, my friend, is a book you really must have sitting on your bookshelf, either virtual or physical.

And thats that – have at!

(remember, our sale ends TODAY! Some of you have already taken advantage of it which is great – it’s a great time to pick up some of those manuals you’ve really been WANTING – do so now, and save a few bucks in the process too). (and leave a review, 10% discount off your next product – guaranteed!)


Mike Watson

PS – Dont just read the links above and “do nothing” my friend – take action NOW. In fact, chances are excellent and second to none that if you read and “do nothing” you’re not a real femdom lover and this list probably isn’t the right place for you either!

In addition, write back – let me know which product you’d like to see out next – no pun. Hehe. Sissy Workouts seems to be the one that is slated to come out next – no pun – but who knows!

Write back – have YOUR say. We welcome all feedback, my friend! After all, thats why I do all this – for YOU – to benefit you – improve YOUR LIFE! I dont need to do this, I’ve got plenty of femdom in my life already, but spreading the “love” and the “how” is what makes it so worth it!!

muah xx

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