Why I slept “face down” last night!

Yours truly has been PLAGUED with thoughts of nothing other than dick as of late.

Satiny smooth, velvety skinned DICK – COCK – and preferably long ones!

Or thick ones!

And definitely ones wher eyou can see, lick, suck on, and in general WORSHIP the head, and the balls, and the entire PHALLUS, his manhood!

And of course, the area beneath his balls, and the hairy asshole …

Pucker up, boy! I still remember PERFECT Madam Su, saying, and Jerome laughing at me.

Get that tongue in, boy!

And if you’ve ever tried tongue fucking a smelly ass, or had it done to tyou – you know how both feel!

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum …

Anyway, yours truly normally sleeps with legs spread wide apart like some of the “Studs” I write about. Hehe. Just more comfortable that way, and thats why I Recommend ladies do the same (of course, while getting their legs, waist and entire body, whatever they want massaged like Queens!)

Could be Madam Pearl.

“Servant! Turn off the light and rub my waist!”

And the command got even more imperious each time she issued it, growing in confidence (she wasn’t confident at all initially, hehe).

(and hence what I speak about in terms of conditioning, something that most roundly ignore, but those that GET IT – and DO the thing – well – they know why and how effective it is! )

Or, Pooja Madam ji …

But again, back to it.

I’ve been dreaming of me moaning like a sissy in the “on my stomach” position, completely vulnerable, and relaxed.

The man, the STUD does all the work!

And the sissy takes it up the ass, like she should!

No need for him to be gentle. Apologize. Anything!

He can have his way with me!

And so he should, and as I can feel my sissy clit starting to “build and leak” alrady, well, I gotta write this to you!

Sissy life is so much fun!!

And if you’re not already on the train do so by investing in the numero uno course on it right HERE.

Kisses! 😉

Best, (and sucks too, hehe, if Madam wants!)

Mike Watson

PS – On a more serious note – SSC as always! The anal area is a very delicate area, and lube is of prime importance (just hearing “lube me up, Madam!” gets me fired up!). Learn all about how to do Sissygasms the right way, take precautions etc the RIGHT way via my new course on it – Sissygasm CENTRAL!

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