Why make things more complicated than they are – and the difference between getting a peck on the cheek, and PASSIONATE SEX, hehe.

Paula, you said it so well in your latest review for one of our most popular courses “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Attractions – that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME – on auto pilot!”

In it, she says many things – but the main import – other than the creative manner in which she does the video review (thanks, Paula!!) – is this – WHY make things more complicated than they are, my friend?

The simplest things work – the most BASE of simple things – always work the best, I’ve said that for EVERY endavor, not just women, or fetish, or sexual matters.

And so says Paula too in her review for the course, and she is so spot on and right!

Another thing she touches upon is a CARDINAL rule not so much mentioned (well, not directly, its there indirectly) in this course – but its mentioned in great detail in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – point #4, I believe …

And it’s a KEY thing most guys ignore – that being “neediness”.

The Law of Attraction, the REAL law of attraction, not that taught by self help “so called gurus” is this – you chase something, it runs away from you – period – no matter what that is, but you run away from something – it run AFTER you – flies, rather!

And so it is, my friend!

This may sound contradictory with what I say about affirmations and all that, but it all comes from the subconscious my friend – and thy conscious actions should be dictated by the subconscious!

If you are truly willing to do “anything” for her – there’s one way to say or feel that sexually, it’s another to be a doormat – NO-ONE wants that!

CONFIDENCE is key, my friend – every woman wants a confident man in her life (from all angles).

And it’s different, if you know what I’m talking about, if you’re learning from the courses, you will know what I mean. (and it’s often the difference between a peck on the cheek, and more. Hehe).

She also delves deep into CONFIDENCE, and how men make the mistake of not getting the woman sexually interested in them from the get go, and by that I dont mean Bozo Schofield like non existent dick pics, or “Ma’am, can you dominate me”.


It’s all laid out in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“, which if you still have not got that course in 2023, but you say you’re interested in femdom and bringing femdom into YOUR LIFE, well, you need to get that course now!

Anyway, here’s the review – – a solid one!

And remember, my friend – if YOU leave a review (those of you that have bought the course from here – well, you get an automatic 10% discount on your next purchase, and lots of more custom “goodies” to boot if you so choose, but the discount will be auto emailed as soon as you submit the review).

PLEASE – I request you – take some time out to submit these honest and genuine reviews, they really help, not just us, but also others interested in buying the course.

And on a parting note?

Paula Madam sent me this (well, Countess Paula, hehe, as she so prefers to be called, these older ladies are just so lovely!) yesterday, I think …

I hope that you have a very good end of the year and a beautiful new one!
Imagen integrada
Imagen integrada

For this night, you must choose from the following, I desire you have a very good sexual ending of this year.
Advertisement: Only choose well! Don’t ruin it!.

And then this –

(she also asked me to choose between sex, liqors, and chocolates – wine – all things girls love!)

I chose… well, here is what I said!

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your email and the review for Humiliation Central – much appreciated as always! Yes, those EMOTIONS ARE WHAT REALLY COUNT!

No prizes for guessing which one I’d choose, with FEMDOM added in, hehe – but I’d definitely choose a few cold Coronas too! 😉 As I’m sure you would too, Countess.

Happy New Year to YOU as well – may the New Year bring lots of happiness and prosperity to “you and yours” as it were!

And, if I had to choose, probably position 2, but women love #1 (cowgirl) a lot more, so that is probably what I’d be doing, hehe.


Mike Watson

(I dont know if I mentioned it – but she sent in a great review for Humiliation Central as well – which features Princess Joanie on the cover, brutal lady, and BASE – Oh my – I still remember that Friday night at 1AM when that ONE look hooked me forever, and she is very right too about how EMOTIONS really hit home, those words that really CUT, humiliate you forever, why people love it so much – and more!

For those of you into brutal and ever lasting humiliation, you must get Humiliation Central NOW!)

(Her review is on the sales page).

But anyway.

As you saw in “11 Missed Femdom Opportunities” (and that was so humiliating too, hehe) – women love cowgirl the most. I personally like missionary, but … hey, whatever Madam wants!

Or, not – as a lovely older lady from Heilongjiang China says, “I dont want to have sex with you, I just want you worship me!”

SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats what I love about these older ladies the most, their feet are always ready to be massaged, worshipped, asses always ready to be licked – and no pressure to have ANY sort of sex except oral, and they love younger virile men with long cocks muah! 

I am talking to one right now, I should know!

But anyway … she asked me this.

About the position you like, it means #2, one friend told me that he prefers the
#1 because he thinks that if you uses no.2, your testicles hurt. Do you agree
with him?

Well – that friend must be a STUD is all I can say, I’d love to see his penis and balls! And him going at it … 😍😘

I dont know – mine never did – even when really going at it – but mine hurt all the time because women bust my balls all the time, and they’re FULL like a sissy’s always should be, HEhe.

Ballbusting 101 – another GREAT course you guys will love, of course, keep your balls full and denied, it will feel even better, hurt even more!

And, SissyGasm Central should be used in CONJUNCTION with all the above!

Alright, my friends – enough tutorials for now, enough on that note, you guys know which buttons to click to GET the book(s) – LOL. I doubt I need to tell you that – but again – REVIEWS – REVIEWS – REVIEWS – I cannot stress this enough – PLEASE CLICK the “leave a review link” you get with your purchase email and send in (submit) a review, its an easy one click process, and we’ll display it on the site too!!

Anyway, on a parting note, I’ll share this stud’s picture with you – look at that cock and balls! MY! I think that is the sort of man Paula was referring to? HEhe.

My, what a REAL MAN, I wrote about him before too! Puts the M in MAN! LY!!

Muah! I thought that would be a great free bonus for a lot of you out there, Twitter ID is his, contact him yourself if you so choose! Muah.

Happy New Year AGAIN – let me know how much you loved your purchases! And at the risk of sounding like a stuck record (cum? Hehe) – leave REVIEWS!


Mike Watson

PS – Get the courses above, its not complicated – neither is attracting or “seducing” women as Paula says – just follow what is laid out in the courses, and you’ll be attracting femdom and all else into your life willy nilly on auto pilot as well if you do it RIGHT!

Do it right, or not at all is what I say, the rest is of course up to you. Heheheh…

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