More on attracting … on auto pilot!!

I wanted to write about this yesterday, but I didn’t! I was going to wait until I had “more to write” and presto, I just HAVE more to write on the same topic!

Anyway, I’ve made no bones about the fact that once you get your subconscious mind attuned to what you really, really want out of your life – you will GET IT.

No matter what.

And while the road that takes you there may be rocky, or not, and (likely wont) NOT the one you “expected”, have NO doubt in your mind that you WILL get there!

The power of the subconscious, my friend is literally to be SEEN to be believed, and it’s worked for me in ALL areas of my life.

Femdom included, and it’s gotten to a point where I don’t even need to work on attracting femdom to me.

Sounds “cocky” I know, but it isn’t, really.

Have you ever noticed that the things you want the MOST (or perhaps “need the most”) come to you NATURALLY with little effort on your part, seemingly out of the blue?

And if you’re a TRUE femdom lover, you’re likely getting more femdom than you can handle right NOW from all angles and directions and in all shapes, ways and forms!

And in ways you’d never expect.

Which is not the case for the vast majority of men out there unfortunately.

“Goddess can you dominate me”

And so it goes. The above is one of the most asinine ways to introduce yourself to a potential “Domina” my friend. Just why would she want to anyway?

Even if she didn’t have gaggles of admirers lining up, why would she want to?

As the admirable Madam Venus once told me “What has HE given ME?” (with reference to a guy she once slept with briefly – funnily enough there weren’t that many in her life – funny how that works huh sometimes, even with dominant Ladies?)

Anyway, back to my talk on this.

Yesterday I was logging into some very very “vanilla” social media.

LinkedIn. FaceBook. And the likes (none of which apparently allow femdom or sexual conversation direcrtly at least).

But on FB, there’s plenty of ladies offering it INDIRECTLY!

Here are the names I saw in the “friends that may be interested in you” list –

Phuong Bich …

Susan Ji …

Tiffany Nails …

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in conincidence, never have.

And yesterday’s T-fueled writing spree (and the boners I got from it, ALL unfulfilled – it’s funny, but sissygasms actually are a great way of making flaccid erections STRONGER! ?) led to this.

(On another note, I’ve always loved licking his ass and gently fingering it as he cums, not in terms of “sissifying” him but just adding to HIS Pleasure! ?).

Anyway, Susan JI.

Perfect Madam JI!!!! And she wasn’t even India. She was Vietnamese!

Bich? Self explanatory, hehe. Another Asian lady … and the way she LOOKED at me out of that picture! ?

And of course, “Tiffany Nails”, the first being a great name for this sissy (my current sissy name is Rose) and Nails?

I’ll paint mine, Master! And Mistress!

… and as I watched a movie last night, it came again. Out of the blue.

Ladies of the night showed up.

None particularly attractive or anything, but those LEGS and one of them was of Indian descent.

The flick showed her lying by the pool, servicing a dude (a really ugly guy I must say, and FAT!) … on her stomach, calves crossed, FEET, those lovely long SOLES on full display, and her back too!

Sort of like one of the profile pictures I’ve got up on the site …

… And the raging rush of blood that ONE glimpse sent to my loins has NOT abated as yet, hours later! ?

And I’m sitting here writing to you about it.

Down, boy! And remember – make sure you’re CAREFUL about what you want.

You might just get it, and as I see my SO stretched out on the bed – oh boy!!!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up my tales on Indian Femdom –

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