It’s something I haven’t (oddly enough! ?) covered as yet.

I’ve written tomes about mental conditioning. Physical conditioning. A combo thereof.

I’ve written about THINKING, and how’s the most important in terms of BDSM, femdom, or anything related, and it IS.

I’ve written about how to RUIN orgasms physically, and condition the male to subconsciously accept the fact that any and all pleasure arises from that P spot of his – IF she chooses to give it to him – or while he pounds away at him, or just from the ass itself!

Sissy vagina, as I like to call it. And I’ve got a tight one myself, which I’m trying to stretch out, and those efforts you ask?

Well, I could do ‘em all day. ?

While sucking on a long, black cock … a SWEATY one at that.

Anyway, this morning I was writing about all this, and I mentioned how I remember the lovely Carol’s feet, and how they SMELT, even after a shower.

She loved to wear tight high heels, and they were often so tight they left blisters on her toes.

I can hear some of the ladies shaking their heads at this.


“What we ladies have to go through for you MEN, boy!”

(That was Garima Madam! ?).

And my reply?

For real men, yes, Madam! Not us sissies … ?

And the sissies should bear the brunt, of course. Both financially and physically (cock!).

Cock, cock, and more cock. Feet, feet, and MORE feet. I wrote about that before too!

SO NOW, let’s get to the “meat” of this, as a lovely black cock starts to spring to life in my mind’s eye!

The smell of his balls – unwashed, sweaty balls. Preferably after work, or a workout!

Untangling his cock from his pubes as a sissy, carefully so (I remember Madam Aa Ling doing that to me once ?) … and then gently tounging the head, and SMELLING it first, the mixture of his pee and precum intoxicating!

The smell of her feet. OF course!

Her shoes! Sweaty, preferably. ?

And of course, her ASSHOLE! Again, sweaty or not, but they have slightly different tastes and smells, and HIS doe too, and that “ass conditioning” via smell is again a very powerful tool to remind a true cuck or sissy of her (his?) place (or should the “her” and his be the other way around, hehe).

And that holy grail of cuckoldry, of course. BLEACH!

That lovely white gooey semen has a smell, and while it varies from man to man, as doe the smell on his balls, the bleachy smell remains.

And I can smell it right NOW!

And that’s a few thoughts on that perspective. Let me know if you have more! ?


Mike Watson

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