Madam Pooja, and her sole shot . . .

So, I saw it. Madam Pooja was sitting outside in the heat, with her “sari” hiked up to mid calf . . .

(For those that don’t know, the “sari” is what they wear in the Indian subcontinent. Traditional garb, and still quite widely worn from what I can tell)

My own personal favorite is the “salwar kameez”.

But I love the sari too, especially the way it shows off the back, and the legs (part of them, boy!) when hiked up . . .

And Madam Pooja was sitting there, with one leg crossed at right angles over the other, and that LOVELY, oh so LOVELY and somewhat smelly (but not dirty!) BROWN sole was visible to all and sundry passing by, and the most important (or sexiest) thing?

The way the “sari” was hiked up to JUST mid calf.

Just as if she were to go for a massage, and order her back to be massaged.

Or her lovely lower legs, and of course the feet, boy!

Any good servant is ultimately only as good as the foot, leg, neck and back massages he gives his Queen! His owner.

His Goddess.

His Mistress!

And Pooja Madam (JI!) is one such Goddess.

And she’s not the only one, as you can tell from reading the “Indian Goddess” series!

Ms. Priyanka has several friends that show up in that series, and while Madam Mansi was cunning, young and devilish, Ms. Pooja, the “burnt out” air hostess was who really got me going – in more ways than one!

I love older ladies, and older ladies from the subcontinent aren’t an exception.

And while this Pooja is NOT the same Pooja, she’s older than I am.

Perhaps 10 or 15 years older.

And she’s got that LOOK to her.

And she stares straight at me as I walk past by !

And . . . but oh boy. You know what I mean, that look in the eye!

Anyway, why do I bring this trip down memory lane (or is it really that? You decide! ?) to you?

I suppose it was because of the lady from the subcontinent (I can only assume) I saw sitting there in the park.

Her “sari” wasn’t hiked up, but her lovely feet and soles were visible, and she wasn’t shy about showing them off. IN fact, she probably didn’t even think anyone was looking.

What kind of a freak looks at feet anyway, boy? ?

But she KNEW.

Subconsciously, she KNEW, or she would have probably moved her feet out of view!

And on that “poignant” note, I’ll let you be. Thoughts truly ARE things! ?


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read ALL about the lovely Chinese ladies that took great pleasure in debasing me to the extreme –

PS #2 – And in case YOU want to debase YOUR sub to the extreme, here is the PERFECT “how to” manual to do it –

PPS – Last night I could barely sleep (again!) as I thought about pressing her feet and legs for HOURS! ? Pooja Madam, Paye Lagu, Perfect Malkin . . . JI!!

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