Why all you REAL sissies need to make wearing butt plugs an INDISPENSABLE part of your daily routine

I think I mentioned I woke up sort of late this morning?

Well, part of that was laying in bed thinking about … well, being stuffed in all holes – it feels so nice, so WARM! Muah xxxx

And part of that, most of it was layng on my stomach in bed – and wishing I had a nice DICK in my ass – or even a lovely vibrating butt plug – zzing and buzzing, sending delightful tweaks of pleasure down my prostrate and entire BODY with every tiny vibration!

There is SOMETHING about sissies having their holes stuffed – and it isn’t just other men and women looking and winking “ah, she’s taken!”

(remember they used to put women in chastity for no good reason back in the day? My, how the tables have TURNED NOW! So they SHOULD! Hehe).

And few women understood these pleasures – both on the receiver’s end  and the “sender’s end” – NO pun intended there – every time I’ve asked to put something up a woman’s asshole, the response “do you think I want a broom up my ass! No way!” Hehe. .. than perfect Madam Pearl, the heroine of “Submissive Musings in mainland China – Volume One!

(with me, different story!)

“I’ll plug you in the ass, boy!” 

Or, I think it was “do you want me plug you in the ass, boy!” with a naughty wink. That was Madam PEarl of course findom au extraordinairre, INIMITABLE!

And the heroine of the first Volume of Submissive Musings in Mainland China – very very deservedly so! What a wallet rapist she was – is!

(if you want me to introduce you, well, prove yourself worthy FIRST – requirements have been mentioned before. Lookie lous and wannabe’s, please stay away). This is REAL femdom, real FINDOM, real women using you, not “jerk tiny cock on the internet time!”.

But anyway, on that note.

I’ve been wanting to say something for ages.

Every time I shower, it hits me, but I dont say it – that being, what I WANT while showering. 

That being, a dick up my ass – or finger – or anything!

I think about it ALL the time, my friend.

and as a true sissy, IF you are, you should too!

Believe me, a butt plug in all the time is the BEST and numero uno, or ONE of them, at any rate for a real sissy – or those that aspire to be true sissies.

Because …

It’s the closest thing to have a dick or dildo up your ass, and neither of those can be in all the time, but butt plugs are designed not just to BE in – but stay in – even during sweaty times!

Most of them are designed to HIT the prostrate, so you’re walking around leaking all day long – combined with the right mental images (feet, and cock, boy – feet and humiliation – and combined with what is taught in Cuck Central and Humiliation Central, and what PRincess Joanie ACTUALLY did to me) – you’ll be “hot and frustrated” – just like a real woman is when she doesnt get laid for a while, and believe me, you’ll go nuts, and you’ll know why women dont just want, but NEED studs to bang them regularly along with you cucks!

Trust me. We all know how cranky women get when they dont get it on a regular basis, right?

So do sissies – and if you’ve got an ELECTRIC butt plug up your ass – remote controlled (Miss V used these a lot, so did Madam Carrie!) – well – the tiny spark will truly keep you leaking – all day long!

And in LUST, sheer lust , unfulfiled lust, add in NIPPLE PLAY … and oh my. You’ll be doing good to concentrate on anything!

(but your productivity, males, will shoot through the roof – trust me on this one!!).

And you’ll know what it means to stay filled.

Either with a COCK in you.

Or, wet after a pee … Or, during those annoying periods, a tampon up a lady’s you know where – and a butt plug ALWAYS up your rear end!

It truly is the best equivalent to a dildo up your ass all the time, my friend, and better.

The first rule for any sissy should be – Sissy, wear your butt plug! At all times! 

Now, this isn’t something mentioned in Sissy Central, I dont believe, but I DO believe it’s mentioned in Sissy-gasm Central – both must reads for you sissies out there (or those that aspire to be sissies).

And, if you prefer it in a compilation format, well, then I’ve got the Sissy Reader right there for you.

Have at!



PS – I got this email recently from a reader.

“Great stuff Mike! I’m very impressed – you truly are the “creme la da creme” of femdom! I have looked far and wide but am unable to find quality such as you deliver”. 

He included many other accolades in his email, which I loved. And thank you for those!

(he meant the emails, sales pages, book reviews etc, but …) But …

But, he’s not a BUYER – which might sound strange, but he isn’t.

And many of YOU fall into the same boat.

Just here for the free stuff, but all sorts of excuses come to mind when it’s time to invest MONEY into something and BUY.

At the same time, you love my stuff – because lets face it – I truly AM the best when it comes to femdom.

But, as Mistress Sadie said, “lets see if you can BACK your talk up, boy!” 

I did.

Now, you?

Lets see if you can too, footboy! 

In short – we love plaudits – but we do NOT want “those just for the free stuff with no intention of ever buying” to stay on the list and clog it up, so if that is you, please do yourself and me a favor (nice please) and say bye bye NOW. Thank YOU!

Of course, for your DOERS – remember our sale – in the final few hours now – and we had a great response to this – thank you everyone who stepped up and took action – and if you haven’t – well, there is still time – hurry – 45% off off anything over $100, period, and that sale will end soon!

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