Jeremy, his friend Rebecca, and more …

I wrote about a TRUE experience I had way, way back in the day … more than 20 years ago I believe. Or perhaps almost.

And while I DO have a photographic memory, and I DO remember a lot of things that went on back then non sexual related, Jeremy’s lovely cock “stands out in my mind”, more so than my friend’s (somewhat smaller and less thick) equally lovely cock that I’ve also written about.

For some reason, his feet and a “J/O” experience at his soles come to mind.

And for some reason, a view of his ASS does …

Maybe I’ll write about that later! ?

(and I have NOT written about Jeremy in Cuckold Compilations I believe, and neither about what I’m going to write about now – it’s a “special” for those of you on my list for literally “ages”!).

I am so thankful to all of you. Muah! Sissy Muah, of course. ?

To all the ladies out there, Paye Lagu Madam! And of course, the cocks? Smooches, as I’ve been saying on Twitter lately. Rose truly is the perfect cuck!

Now, back to it.

So the first time I went to Jeremy’s house, there was  a girl sitting there.

A girl that “sort of sparked my curiosity”, but not really if you get my drift.

Certainly not outright attractive, and neither was she unattractive.

Wasn’t much skin show at all.

She sat there, sipping a beer, and said hi to me as if it was the most natural thing ever for her to come over!

And we talked (well, the 3 of us talked before she left) for a while about this and that. Nothing sexual, not that I can remember.

And remember, back in the day I had like ZERO experience being a cuck. This was BEFORE the motel room experience I wrote about before, and I certainly didn’t have any cock sucking fantasies (that I Can recall, at least).

While the journey to becoming a footboy started at the “tender age of 9” (I believe I wrote about this once!) … the journey to “liking cocks” is slightly and still hazier.

When did I start liking them?

Porn? Maybe, but the memory isn’t quite there, and for me, if the memory isn’t there …

Anyway, the sheer rush of blood I get upon seeing cocks proves that my subconscious made the decision for me! ?

Back to Rebceca. As she left, Jeremy told me the following laughingly.

“If you date her, remember to always ….” (and for the life of me, man, I can’t remember what he said).

Something about going Dutch and NOT paying for her share?

Not sure …

But there was something about that girl to be sure. Something different.

And sure enough, that night when it all happened, he told me.

“Did you have sex with her”, I asked curiously.

“Yes! It was a house party, and we were drinking, and ….”

And NOW?

I remember just how I felt back then while sucking his dick. At the back of my mind, Rebecca was there!

At the back of my mind, and indeed my sissy cock forefront ?, I wanted HER to be there as well.

I wanted that lovely cock to be in HER while I licked his ass – and BALLS!

I wanted him to “have his way” (I was going to say “rape” but that might be misconstrued) both with me and her!

My ass, and hers …

And I wanted to press those lovely legs of hers as she lay there, relaxed!

And knowing her, she’d ENJOY the sight of me sucking his cock as he moaned in pleasure.

“Man!! You’re good at this!”, I still remember him saying …

… And this was with no practice!

With all the practice Madam Su made me do on Jerome’s lovely black cock and then some, and with all the other practice I’ve had?

Well, he’d probably shoot his load instantly despite (as he later told me the second time I pulled his pants down despite the guilt I felt – – remember him laughingly saying “Mike’s not gay!!”) “being too drunk to cum!”

Now that’s what my friend once told me too!

And a true cuck should make him cum anyway, boy, just like Madam Candice so sagely instructed me!

His cock. His cum. His pleasure. And hers.

And it’s all yours too, boy!


Mike Watson

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