Madam, my TINY cuck balls feel like golf balls, so full they are right now! And yes, release, NEVER an orgasm is a privelege, Goddess – – NEVER EVER A RIGHT!!

And I mean that, boy (or Ma’am) as the case might be.

Paye Lagu, for all the ladies reading this! You truly make it all worth it!

And that being said, yes. YES!

My balls are so full that even a slight touch on them feels uncomfortable. That I was literally
“peeing cum” today – and those familiar with my descriptions of how SISSYGASMS are will no doubt be saying “ah, ok!”

But it’s different.

I was peeing cum without any of that.

You see my perfect Madam S.O. hasn’t deemed it necessary for ages to give me ANY release, in fact she hasn’t even allowed me to lick her ass for a while now!

And I’m so horny – – even after WORKING OUT HARD!

And even after doing the housework, getting the kitchen SPOTLESS and staring at legs and soles (hers!).

And a certain, but we’ll get to that!! ?

(Post workout, I thought I’d finger myself, but I didnt! ;)) – But really, I can cum on COMMAND these days, even a slight flick of the nipple does that, and the mere thought of anything near my butt does it too! There is so much more to RUINED ORGASMS than that tho – and I’ve mentioned it all in the book, but . . . damn, they’re SO WORTH IT if you’re a true femdom lover!).

Anyway, this brings me to point #2 first. Those wanting more on point #1 – well – you may be thinking that the dreams I’ve been having as of late are the reason, and sure, they are, along with my SO’s increasing and ever innate DOMINANCE (guys – DO pick up “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the CHINESE MAINLAND) – the book, really, really works!!!

I mean, really!


Not only will you attract femdom to you in all it’s shapes, forms and guises without even TRYING, but the depths to which she will take you, DEGRADE you, and enjoy it while doing so – well – without parallel!

And I don’t mean parallel to cuck dick like mine! ?

Which is hard right now . . . but of course, not fully. Conditioning. I’m more interested in a sissygasm than a real man orgasm for real reasons, but back to that – that’s always a PRIVELEGE.

And so it should be.

Remember, boys.

The REAL purpose of her even getting near your nasty ass is not to give you pleasure! BOY!

It’s to release excess NASTY CUCK jizz she doesn’t want anywhere near her, especially not her mouth and especially NEVER, EVER her “spot”!

That’s real man cum for you, boy.

Like she made you lick out of the condom last night, like his massive proud cock was STARING at you, the one eyed SNAKE and like you worshipped that cock like you were born to. I was! ?

And slobber on knobs (his, never yours) aside, it’s an honor and privilege, but never a right.

Way too many subs want to top from the bottom, and that is a huge, huge mistake if I say so myself. You get pleasure when she wants, deems or allows, and never ever oterhwise!

Unless her stud decides to use your ass for the MAN PUSSY it is, boy, but even that needs to be permitted! ? (which of course she probably will, hehe. He deserves it, and she deserves it more!).

And .. . why are my balls so full?

Well, the dreams yes. And as usual, they portend something. Not only did the “fight over food” portend a clean, spotlessly so kitchen, but I’ve been chatting with a lovely lady from the mainland in between and while resting.

A true Goddess.

“madam, I don’t know how we know each other, but you added me first!”

She’s NOT traditionally good looking.

She’s actually FAT.

And she’s not “bathed in makeuip either”.

But she’s giving me a massive hard on despite saying “I’m your grandma’s age!”

(which she probably isn’t, but as you no doubt know, I look a lot younger than I am – thank you workout – real workout, not cock workout, hehe)

And my response!

“Madam, I don’t care! You’re a Goddess, and your age doesn’t matter”

(It really doesn’t!)

And she responded with that MAGIC sequence of smileys I’ve written so much about.

A CLEAR SIGN without words that I was right (and that you, the reader may hjave often enocountered when chatting with these lovely Chinese women that make my hands quiver so much that my emails are ridden with typos and dick always leaking like a true sissy) . . .

Whats’ the sign, you might ask?

Well, I won’t reveal it for now.

But You’ve seen it, if you’re paying attention!! ?

Write back, and let me know. A massive discount on ALL our products for the first five people who guess right!


Mike Watson

PS – And more than sissy gasms, I wish I was getting my balls BUSTED right now. Pain and pleasure, as they say!

PS #2- Princess Joanie was an expert at that. There’s the reason the SOLES (dirty!) of those white canvas shoes are featured on Cuck Central. More than with her lovely bare feet which she’d use on my face, when ball busting, she always (for whatever reason made sure to wear the white tennies!

PPS –  And right now, I’m asking her about foot “washed” (code names for foot massage in China). She owns an ecommer e site, of course, which is why she added me. Findom as done with Madam PEarl, hopefully.I so want to buy her foot cream, and notjust buy, but apply as well!

Money is important, boy! Man without money is no use to me! I can almost hear this regal GODDESS say it! And she’s right! She deserves it, and then some!!

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