Its all about having FUN!

Dear Reader,

Often times folks have a tendency to complicate things further than they should be – and this applies to life as much as it does fetish, or BDSM in general.

We often analyze – over analyze – worry – and in general, (as the Chinese love to say) “think too much” about what we shouldn’t be thinking too much about at all.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve written many a times about my dislike of the “you think too much” riposte a lot of Chinese folk give me anytime I try and discuss anything halfway worth discussing – but regardless, even that annoying statement does hold some merit at times.

I’ve been chatting with a dude on Twitter as of late whose Goddess is introducing him to new things, and he’s understandably a bit “worried” (or perhaps “nervous” would be a better descriptor) of how things would turn out – specifically, with regard to the new chastity belt she’s had him order.

Now he’s got a great lady by him from what he’s saying – but we’ve been chatting back and forth a lot about it, and today after he received his device – I sensed a bit of “trepidation” in his responses, EVEN though his Goddess told him she’d instruct him on usage, etc.

Now this is normal too – but yet, what I told him was this – “Don’t forget it – its all about having FUN at the end of the day!”

(I forget to type “end of the day” in the Twitter box, but I’m sure he understood my drift).

Back when I first met the imposing, dominant, lovely, gorgeous, and oh so petite Madam Pearl, I had NO clue what I was in for.

An innocuous enough chat suddenly turned into something it wasn’t really intended to be, but boy was it fun!

I ended up buying her a lovely pink skirt – and more (;)) and I go into details of what happened, and how I reacted to that HERE (this is a good read, by the way, even if you aren’t interested in financial domination) – – but point being, it was fun all throughout!

It was fun when she asked me “Do you like I plug you in the ass?”

It was even more hilarious when she guffawed out loudly when I showed a huge pink chastity device I found on Taobao (China’s answer to Amazon apparently).

And so forth.

When the lovely Ann said she’d “beat me with a stick on my backside” if I didn’t perform my chores correctly (while naked, balls in full view;)) – it was FUN.

And again, so forth!

Physical punishment is NOT something that turns me on, and neither is being “plugged in the nether regions”, but hey, none of that registered in the mind when said ladies mentioned it.

It was fun – something new, and I’d have tried it right then and there (I actually did with Pearl, but thats another tale, for another long “submissive musings” newsletter!).

Point being, I didn’t think about “how” or “if” or so forth.

It was SSC – – and beyond that, I just went with the flow.

And that, my friends , is what I recommend YOU do as well in terms of life – as well as your bdsm activities.

It’s never ever about a script, my friend. It’s about doing things in the flow – LIVING in the flow as it were, and enjoying every minute.

Try it, and let me know how it works!


Mike Watson

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