“If you argue ONE more time with me, boy, just ONE more time . . . . I’ll SLAP you! And HARD, boy! Got that . . . BOY!!???”

Oh . . . boy!

And Madam!

Before I start this one, let me preface by saying that I saw my SO in her favorite pose again. Feet up on the table, laptop on “lap”, and phone in hand, and NOT working as she says she is. She never, or hardly ever does, hehe.

It’s mostly soap operas and apparently Korean, Japanese,and Chinese ones at that, or a mixture of the above . . . . and hey, work? Why should Madam ever work, boy!! ?

And of course, those soles were staring me in the face. Oh boy again!

Paye lagu, Perfect Madam JI! And even though she was wearing a long skirt as opposed to the pink shorts that turned me on SO MUCH the other day and that I wrote about, the skirt hiked up to her mid thigh, showing off her lovely “and NOT skinny!” legs, so . . . all good!

Anyway, there I was.

Kneeling inf ront of her!

And she said what I said above in the title. Except for some weird reason this particular dream (yes, that is what it ism but another one of those damn realistic ones at that) was a blend of both Indian and Chinese femdom.

Which of course doesn’t come as that much of a surprise, now that I think about it, and now that I think about most of the genres in which I’ve written!

70% Chinese Femdom (from the mainland), and 30% Indian (from the subcontinent).

There was, of course “Her Brown Slut” which was white on brown, but I never quite got around to completing it! ?

Anyway . . . onwards.

She said ti in Hindi.

“Agar EK aur bar bola TUNE, EK aur bar, to doongi ek! Samjha!”

This roughly translates into what the title says. Not exactly, but roughly.

And as she said this, I inched closer. And closer. Involuntarily. “Subconsciously”.

Whether or not she actually slapped me I know NOT.

I just know that a smiling, sneering, heart shaped CHINESE face, just like the lovely Madam Anne’s showed up in my dream in place of my S.O.’s!

And I woke up. With a giant, raging hard on, the cum bubbling up like a damn geyser, and it was all I could do to STOP the cum from cumming out.

Unlike the other time I wrote about, and many other “wet dreams!”

And yes, my dick is twitching just writing this!

Anyway, I’m not sure what we were “arguing over”.

I think something about leftover food or something .

And in the subcontinent, they have this strange way of referring to “people below you” (or of lower stature”) by using different words.

In English, we use different terms.

“Sir”, for instance means some form of respect. “Boy!” (the way I use it) is obviously the opposite. Derogatory.

Well, in India, at least in Hindi (and also some of the other local languages), “Tu” means addressing someone below you.

And given that it’s still a highly traditional culture and women apparently address their “men” as “Aap” (apparently this means some form of respect), I was arguing with my SO about calling me “Tu”.

For reference, and as I wrote about, those fights we’ve been having for a while, and the way she literally denigrates me during the fights (in real life) – and I wrote about this – such a huge turn on!

And I SO wish that (if she used Hindi) she would use exactly those terms, and often times she DOES! ?

. . . without even knowing how much I’m getting turned on.

That isn’t an excuse to fight with your SO, guys and gals, but hey, sometimes, we “fetish minded” people find “solace” and delight in the most “absurd” of things, fights included! ? Kinda like the kidnapped sometimes form a kinship with those that got them into the position (the kidnappers).

But I digress, as I often do.

Anyway, she kept calling me that in the dream, and well, you know the ending. And there was a bottle of beer no less in the dream . . . Kingfisher at that!!

After that, I had some other dreams too, with gorgeous ladies using RED nailpolish. Madam Josie, anyone? Perfect Goddess Josie, anyone? ?

And those were seemingly “disconnected dreams”, but I do remember a part about “a guy selling underwear”, and it turned out to be “toilet cleaning clothes”. With the name of a very famous dignitary no less on them . . . . and his picture!

And I was wearing a long T shirt, purple in color, desperately trying to look for my shorts.

And apparently unable to find them when I woke up, and the dream ended.

I know you dream enthusiasts LOVE these sort of dreams and when I write about them and try to decode them. I do too, but truth be told, for me, it’ more of a personal interpretation than what the “dream books” say.

Dream books say this “can’t find shorts” dream is connected to being “shy” or (more often) being “ashamed of one’s preferences (in whatever regard), or some deed”.

Well, yours truly certainly isn’t!

I’m very open about my fetish preferences.  I’m very open about what I like, and the fact that so long as it’s SSC, it’s all good! No matter what!

Unlike the guys who say “I’ll kill him if he tries to be gay with m e!”

And he probably wouldn’t anyway! ?

I mean, relax, people.

Why is it OK for a man to kneel in front of a woman, for instance, but not to suck another man’s cock or be ass “invaded” by a real cock as opposed to a dildo?

Why are shemales fine, but not guys?

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying change your preferences.

But, I’m saying, moral policing and “right or wrong” isn’t what it’s about. Its about being SSC and that’s what counts!!

I really do think most of these guys (and the gals that say this sort of thing) are SCARED deep down at their core of their own desires.

That societal conditioning. A friend of mine once nervously admitted to having a piss fetish (of his girl doing it on him), but he’d NEVER Have told me outright.

What he usually told me was “she blows me at least once daily!”

And though I could see past the BS right there and then, I didn’t say much.

He probably didn’t want to admit it to an outwardly alpha dude like me.

But hey. Remember one thing. The people that HATE something the most (or say they do) are the ones that really want or can’t get what they purport to hate or bring down.

And back to me, I wonder why I keep having those dreams?

Of not being able to find my shorts.

Maybe it’s about being free, hehe. At home (and I work from home so I am mostly there) I NEVER wear underwear. Easier to get hard ons at a moment’s notice (which I would anyway) and I don’t know . . . just the feeling of them things moving around . . .

. . . Unless I’m locked, of course, which is a different story!

And one I’ll get into later!

For now, a long one today, but well worth it!


Mike Watson

PS – Did you read the tales of the massage workers who so expertly, naturally and without even knowing it humiliated me, the client, while massaging me asking out of the blue “do you like men’s penises!” (or something like that). I wrote about that in Sin City Diaries – make sure to grab the compilation now – true tales all of ‘em! ?

PS #2 – Madam Pearl loved to “plug me in the ass”, and I was pretty open about my love for her doing it too! ? And yes, she DID cuckold me a lot! But FINDOM was her thing. She was the best at it – read more here – Submissive Musings – Volume 1.

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