Dick and balls, my friend. Dick and balls!

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Dick and balls, my friend. Dick and balls!

Spicy Erotic

They’re so nice! Princess Lucy for one loves them so much – so do I!

(she is one of the most dominating ever – yes – but she also (on occasion) loves to be dominated. More on that later!).

But last night, she sent me several videos.

All of lovely slim sexy guys with lovely, kissable chests and waists – all tapering down to dicks that seem to be perennially hard and HORNY – and they were all having sex in various positions!

I found the “cowgirl” style to be best!

I’ve often mentioned how women have tried it in me, and how I’ve woefully FAILED at it – and women and sissies love this position so much because the dick really hits the spot!

Trust me, I’ve felt it.

Anyway, on that note – if you haven’t yet read “11 Missed Femdom Opportunities”, you might want to read this NOW – it contains a lot on the regal Madam Ashley who … well, I truly missed a chance there! (and, it has a lot on my actual experiences with her as well, including I believe the cowgirl story I am referencing opaquely up there).

Anyway … where was I.

Dick and balls!

So I asked Lucy … 

“His balls are so nice, Lucy! And his asshole!” 

(there was a girl inserting a finger into his asshole too! What supreme PLEASURE! I so wanted to suck each ball with the magnificent DONG towering over me in her pussy!).

Giving HIM pleasure, hearing those MOANS – oh my!

And then of course, the ultimate LOAD …

“Madam, so many dicks, which one is best!” 

And of course, pat came the reply – not one you’d expect!

“Yours is the best!”

Ever since we met, Ive introduced guys to her, been humiliated by her, drank noxious lovely mixtures of other men’s cum out of her – licked her asshole for hours … but it’s the same.

“You’re better than them! ” 

This, my friend, is something to note.

Especially considering my own dick, well, she’s seen it hard, but every time we talk – it’s other men’s cocks (for me) – and my own dick, well, if she wants a picture, I dont even send the picture of it fully hard (partly because it’s so sissy, it doesnt get hard for pictures. Hehe).

The last time it got hard?

After sending Madam Pearl MONEY!


“my last boyfriend had a big dick, but not as big as yours!”


Combined with another last friend who told me about my “10 inch cock” … Hehe. (apparently some jewelry I was wearing was a cock ring for my “porn star like 10 inch cock”).

Now, where am I going with all this?

Well, just a huge cock doesn’t make a stud. Hehe.

As a certain Madam Kat keeps telling me about those dudes with lovely long big COCKS ..


A lot of them can’t perform in bed – period.

“they dont even get close!” as Madam said. Hehe.

(truly, the “plumbing” doesnt seem to work right as an ex once told me about those super long cocks, but boy do they look delicious, and so suckable, and they DO stay hard when being sucked!)

(but, when pleasuring her….)

And sometimes, like I’ve said in Cuck Central … preconceived notions, and labels – neither work!

Sometimes sissies have lovely thick cocks too. Hehe.

Key thing to learn here though, one I keep talking about in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies in Mainland China” – that being, no-one wants a “true” doormat.

If you’re comfortable enough in your submissiveness to proclaim it in front of all, thats great and one thing – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a doormat in “real life”.

Some of the most submissive men, you’d never realize it in real life, where the roles are often reversed…

And that, friend is that.

And since this started with dick and balls?

Worshipping his perennial region is so nice! 

As is licking his balls while he’s making LOVE … 

And, servicing his asshole! Tongue deep, hitting his P spot, and combine with ball worship, and licking the PERENNIAL region, he will be in heaven, sissy, so will you, so many lovely SMELLS for one! 

So many ways to give your man – and lady – pleasure, sissy!

Isn’t that why you exist?

To learn how to worship his weapon right – the “pinnacle” as it were – get Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots NOW.

And, I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – Sissy Central is, and continues to be one of our “silent” bestsellers. Lots of folks out there into it. Get it yourself, and find out why!

PS #2 – What Lucy tells me about “me being better” might not be manna from heaven for those heavily into fetish – but remember.

“REAL LIFE mixed in with a dab of creative license” , my friend – not the other way around.

It always works best that way!

Trust me on this one …

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