Control his nipples … control HIM!

A long time ago, I was at a massage parlor, the same type that I write about all the time in Sin City Diaries, and my other writings (notably, Owned by Madam Aa ling, which truly IS a tale of a lady of the night taking me in hand, and then some!).

And due to the unprofessionalism of the staff working there (note – I don’t mean the ladies themselves – they do unprofessional in an awesome way that keeps me begging for MORE, hehe) I was PISSED off . . . big time.

I’m not going to get into why here, but I was ticked off, and as I started to yell, the lady attending to me took a hold of me.

And she cooed softly to me, as lovers might to each other.

“Honey, come on back here …”

And once she got me to calm down just that little bit, she locked the door (which was to be expected, of course, for the extras that would be on offer during hour #2 – and if that sounds strange, well, go on ahead and read Sin City Diaries – that is truly how it used to be back in the day!) . . .  and I laid back down on the couch.

Still irritated, until . . .

. . . her lovely hands slid under my T-shirt and found my nipples.

And as the familiar electric tingle of DESIRE, RED HOT desire COURSES through me, all irritation left me, and the knowing look in her eyes both embarrassed and excited me.

A look that plainly said, I knew it, you nipple slut!

A look that plainly said what I do about orgasms – control his nipples – and you control HIM!

And it’s true, my friend.

Chinese girls seem to be all born with an innate ability to use those lovely fingere on one’s nipples, and if you’re a submissive or nipple slut (and usually both) – well – as I’ve written about before – there is NO better place to be than the mainland!

From the lovely Liao to the even lovelier Aa Ling to all the rest of the ladies who controlled me so expertly through first the mind, (the vibe, actually) and then my nipples – and then more – thank you – you did the right thing!

And as I was chatting to another lady yesterday on wechat, her photo stood out – or should I say the lovely fingers stood out – more than they would normally!

The lovely nailpolish, each perfectly manicured finger painted a different color, some not . . .

The LOOK on the face, and the VIBE . . . (which is what attracted me to her in the first place, hehe) . . .

And as I was resting from a hectic day indeed (which included server downtimes amongst other things), I “felt” her hands on my nipples, and my dick stiffened, and I did NOT touch it.

And I wanted her to be by me – with me – so bad!

More on this later, but if you’re a true nipple slut, you know what I mean, my friend.

And if you’re not – and many men think nipple play is “Gay” or other such rubbish – well – banish the idea right now, my friend.

Nipples are not only one of the mot erogenous zones on a man’s body if handled right – but they’re also the key to controlling you at a level deeper than you’d think normally possible, and when combined with other femdom methods which I teach – well – watch out!

You’ll truly be SOARING to new heights of being dominated, and how!

And that’s that for now. Back again soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – For more such real life tales, and access to the VERY BEST femdom community there is, go here –

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