The only rack a man should be looking at is her SHOE rack, boy!

. . . unless you’re a real man, with a large alpha COCK, and a juicy ass (hole?) and lovely balls that slap up against Garima Madam’s precious “femaleness” . . . as she gets serviced as she deserves – only as HE Can – and you can’t, cuck! ?

And if there is a “spicier” opener to today’s email, I am yet to hear it, hehe.

Anyway, I wrote about Miss V’s shoe rack in the last email and my S.O’s shoe rack.

And I wrote about how my next apartment was the exact SAME thing in terms of shoe racks, and ladies imperiously parking their SHOES right IN FRONT of my apartment – in MY SPACE, hehe.

With no apology, or without even asking . . .

And of course, the regal Miss Summer, who was classy enough not to do it in my space, but her pink slippers are something that will be the defining mark of my stay at my last apartment.

Every morning as I’d wake up for my workout, her pink slippers would be there.

Often times, one would be overturned, Madam having hastily taken them off . . .

I often wanted to take a picture of her slippers, but haven’t as yet. Hehe. Maybe I’ll ask Madam if she’ll allow me to. I have a feeling she will, hehe.

And sometimes, the pink slippers would be gone. Replaced by more colorful and newer slippers.

As Madam told me upon inquiring –

“I gave the old ones to my daughter, and wore the new ones myself” , she giggled.

And the daughter was a lovely 14 year old Chinse lass (lady??).

Shades of Madam Mahima as it were, and the Indian lady with lovely feet . . . ?

Oh MY!

Anyway, I also mentioned that we attract what we truly want at our deepest cores without even trying to, and femdom is something that is no exception to the rule – and if you wanted proof, my friend, well, its right there in front of you.

And despite all the conscious outward effort many guys make to attract the perfect dominant female, you’ll never do so until you REALLY want to from the inside – out.

The above might not make sense to the casual reader, but it will to those of you familiar with my writings, and femdom – TRUE femdom lovers as well (as well as BDSM which is far more mental than folks realize/care to give it credit for).

And as for racks.

The ONLY rack you should be looking at as a footboy is her SHOE rack – and any other mention of “racks” will get you a kick to the balls – and perhaps worse!

Hehe, as it should be. ?

Thank you, Madam. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!



Mike Watson

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