The most delicious thing ever!

I was going to say eating it out of her a…. ASS!

But I didn’t, not in the title, but Ill say it NOW.

I just had some lovely chocolate cake – so lovely and creamy!

I love chocolate for what that is worth.

And as of now, I want to eat out of my …SO’s ass!

Out of her asshole, and while I will NOT say I want to eat her shit (SSC!) – it’s worship worthy!

Remember Pooja’s perfect TURDS?

I bet you do.

I’m not even going to link it here, because it’s so profound!

Today has been a great day thus far, and great things have happened, and continue to!

When you connect to the spirit so it is.

And that movie where I saw a cuck eating chocolate out of a stud’s ass – well shaven ass an balls!

I’d do it.

I’d do it out of his (not so attractive) girls ass too!

“He put chocolate in his ass, and “shat it out”” …

Not acutally shit, but his cock was so sexy, so long, so beautiful, I’d suck it all day long and connect to his manly spirit that way.

And smooch the head repeatedly, and stick my tongue in the peehole!


Sounds like Cock Worship for Sisses and Faggots time! (he was so slim and sexy!)

I’d kiss his STOMACH TOO. And his ASS CHEEKS!

Sounds like cuck time as well, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Enjoy – and remember, CONNECT to get the dream girl you WANT!

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