Hong Kong Princesses, and more …

Woke up this morning to a nice little dream … a semi dream if I may.

That of a dominant lady taking a bath .. and looking into a closet full of nice clothes, expensive perfumes, and (for whatever reason) sweet smelling “Fiama” soaps (a brand I’ve never quite preferred), but a brand many ladies seem to enjoy …

And as I did, I had this vision of a lady STANDING ON my chest, and  … in Hindi, at that!

“MArd ki Jgah Aurat Ki Jooti ke neech hoti hai!”

(The gorgeous Ms. Priyanka often told me this – it translates into what I say so often to ladies here in the mainland – Madam, a man’s place is always under a womans shoe!)

Which never fails to bring forth a giggle or two, of course! And that knowing look … ?

And in terms of ladies from Hong Kong (I don’t know why the term stuck in my mind, but it did – they’re known for being even more dominant in many ways than their counterparts from the Chinese mainland, hehe).

Ever heard the term Hong Kong Princesses?

Entitled> ? Lazy? High standards? And so forth?

Well, I have – and a quick google around will answer this question too. Hong Kong, while it has MORE than it’s fair share of ladies of the night has WAY MORE than its fair share of “Princesses too” and if you’re into femdom, that’s a good thing!

A lady I once knew “Su” (not that Su, hehe) once told me this.

“My friend’s husband works all day. A hard job. His wife stays at home and … well, she doesn’t do much. Watching T.V, shopping etc … “

“He comes home and cooks dinner, and gives her a massage at night”

“And he does the housework too on holidays!”

A true paradise (or mecca) for femdom I’d say is Hong Kong – – pretty much a lot like the mainland and even more so in many ways, and what I said above is not just a story.

It happens in real life there.

Yes, my friend. It HAPPENS – and if you’re a true cuck – or sissy – willing to bend over backwards for a lovely Chinese lady and give her ALL she deserves, and then some – well then – Hong Kong might just be the place for you!

And that’s the term that rang out in my mind this morning as I woke up.

Hong Kong Princesses, and I’ll have more on this subject later!

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Mike Watson

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