25 different types of those LUSCIOUS DONGS we all LOVE, and how to worship them so they keep coming back for MORE!


A wise man it was, or perhaps a woman that once said “any thoughts you have in your head continually can be made into an information (or other) product that people will not just buy and learn from – but enjoy immensely”.

Truly, there is a market for everything, and the success Spicy and Erotic Fetish has enjoyed for one proves this.

Our products, books, courses and manuals hit home – they go where NO man – woman – or sissy – or tranny – hehe – has gone before.

And we deliver results to you in a format that is easy to understand and just flat out works.

Now, cocks you might ask – or penises?

Somehow, I love the word “penis” – and “dong”.

Cock, dick, all these words are so commonly used the allure has been lost.

But “penis” is an official, even respectful way to refer to the lovely organ we all (or at least, those reading this book) love so much – and dong, the polar opposite, it smacks of .. well, lust!

And it is while Im infused with pure and utter lust talking to Madam Megan who seems to be enjoying sissifying me (to the debasesest extents possible) that I wrote this!

I didn’t need to do this, of course -my prior course on cock worship “Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots” has literally broken all records, and as you can see from the testimonials on the site, is a truly “life changing book”.

And more.

While Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots was an all size fits all course, this course will give you tailor made advice on DIFFERENT types of dongs … and how to best worship them so that they as we cock lovers know and want; keep coming back for MORE!

Pleasuring a cock is just erotic, lets face it!

Here is a “glimpse” at the types of dongs you’ll learn about in this course …

1. Straight, and long

2. Curved – downwards!

3. Curved – upwards!

4. Cut dongs

5. Uncut dongs

6. Phimotic dongs – fully.

7. Phimotic dongs – partial

8. Thick “garden hose” / short dongs.

9. Thick and long!

10. Micro penis.

11. Perfectly shaped head dongs

12. “Square” headed dongs

13. Curved to the side dongs

14. Straight, long, uncut, but foreskin fully retractable!

15. Straight, long, cut

16. Extra long dongs

17. Dongs with DENSE pubes attached

18. Dongs with shaven pubes

19. Dongs with “small yet full” balls

20. Dongs with “large, low hanging” balls

21. Dongs with misshapen heads

22. Dongs with “drooping heads”

23. Extra thick, extra long, phimotic dongs.

24. Extra thick, extra long semi-phimotic dongs.

25. Straight and short dongs.

As for benefits apart from the obvious?

Cock worship is a submissive activity even if you’re not into BDSM, and that sheer RUSH, that sheer feeling of SERVICING HIM – and of course the way he REACTS when you slobber on his dick is what makes it all worth it – along with the SIGHT of the dong! And when you worship each cock in a different manner, or slightly different manner – then you’ll see cocks up front and close in all their glory, and their pleasure will be yours too – x 10!

Take the submissive vibe to the next level – enough said!

They talk about looking the person in the eye when sucking dick? Well, that might be good. But in this course, you’ll learn that “talking to his dick, not him” is really the way to do it, you’ll be looking at his third eye more than anything else, boy – or girl!

And much more I dont have space for here.

This course is worth its “weight” – pun intended! – in spades and gold.

Get your lovin’ on NOW.

​​​​​​​Mike Watson


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