What the old lady said about NOT dating men, and why I’d disagree, Ma’am…

And, let me tell you – she was OLD!

Like, over 80.

The lines, wrinkles, all of it – not to mention her ass which I never saw, which would make Madam Aa Lings  mom (herself no spring chicken, but taking to ass worship at 60 PLUS for the first occasion in her life SO WELL)’s ass look positively young and sexy in comparison.

To this cuck, of course all asses are sexy, ass cracks, cheeks, and everything els ethat comes out of it!

A Madam on Twitter posted the following with her lovely SPIT photo …

“Everything that goes in my mouth, and comes out! “

And Ireplied – For cucks, the only thing that matters, and a lot?

The WASTE that comes out!

Although seed is not waste, hehe, the rest is, but we love it!

Now, on that note.

I saw the old lady (on WeChat) – talking in Spanish, I believe, about “not dating men” being the life advice she was dispensing to – I thin kfemales.

I dont know, I didnt see the Video, but I read the conclusion a spanish dude posted.

And, I got this to say.

From a feminist point of view, she’s right, and she’s wrong?

And wrong – why?

Madam is always right, but on this one, why not date a cuck – and real man both?

USe them both for different purposes!

Believe me, cucks make the best dates ever.

Loving, caring, sissy like, the best female friends ever – with a twist, Madam is always on top!

And studs, well, for when Madam wants to be DOMINANT.

So truly thats what this cuck thinks, at least!

What do y’all think?

Write bakc – let me know!


Mike Watson

I think I mis-spelt “back” on purpose, hehe.

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