Her feet are so proud….

Out there, relaxing, smoking a calm “fag” – no pun. Hehe. And, watching one of many ladies pass by, lovely feet, heels, purple nailpolish, the feet were so CONFIDENT!! X

Striding forward confidently, reminding me of Vandana Marwah a school teacher that gave me many a wet and live dream in school. One of many ladies she was – the one I spoke about above that is- but the most CONFIDENT pair of feet if that makes sense!

I still remember the cum stained ink cloth i came in every afternoon to .. guess who! Haha right now it’s a pair of old shorts I reserved specially for that purpose.

As for Madam v?

Miss V Beauty Salon aside, ive written tomes on her on payelagumalkin.com

And, the upcoming, much delayed novel “The MBA candidate” is dedicated to HeR, again and as usual, always based upon real life experience. Reality mixed in with a dab, just that, not more, of creative license as you guys do love!

So love I should have said but both work. Hehe.

And back to now.

Nicely maintained feet always make a woman more confident. So it should be, so nice to see it everywhere.

And just realised I didn’t know the meaning of the term “shit test”.

Nah, it isn’t testing for the state of her digestion as you wipe her ass hehe. Though that’s one thing, see Pooja Memsahib…ji!

Those lovely perfectly formed turds will always stay in memory like Mistress Danas, discovered floating by accident. So nice,Madam forgot ,i was honoured to flush it . Wish I could have figuratively kissed it and thanked it! So perfect like her.

Shit tests are apparently the questions women ask that men hate to test them – their level of pliancy and submissiveness


I love it when women do that. Welcome it,bend over backwards for it. Sadly that means they hardly do it to me



We will end today’s random musings with a profound pose. One of many –

Pictures do yell louder than words eh. Hehe. Often. Not always but often…

Ah, that look in the eye. Women are ALL so gorgeous!


Mike Watson

PS – Back of the sandal hitting against that confident sole, just the right amount, NOT enough to graze … confidence oozing with each step, toes even prouder, mam, man, hehe, all I thought about, that first thought, was to squeeze , knead, rub those feet as their prouder owner has her WAY with me.

Giving women foot massages and being submissive is SUCH an honor and privilege!!


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