Pooja Memsahib … JI! – The COMPILATION!

This book is the compilation containing BOTH the volumes of “Pooja Memsahib … JI!” – probably and likely the most BLASE AND DEBASE femdom oriented book I’ve ever written, and thats saying a lot! My, these Indian ladies, MY, that harsh gravelly VOICE SHOUTING OUT – MY, those lovely brown calves as she relaxes, that lovely big STOMACH as she sits there, it’s all so worship worthy!
I’ve often written about the fact, and DRILLED – no pun – it home that it’s never about her looks, age, or height – weight – or body type – or any of the other nonsense that “men” think they should lust over so. It’s always about her mind, and a woman is always superior to a man no matter what – and THAT understanding is what is key for a real (and successful) female led and DOMINATED relationship, and Pooja Ma’am – Memsahib – knows this better than most, or ALL!
Actually, they all do!

This compilation contains Volume One and Volume Two of the books – my hands are shaking literally WRITING this – and thinking of those SOLES, those brown CALVES – MAN!

I’ll end this here, but every true and real femdom lover owes it to himself or herself to pick up this compilation NOW and have it on their bookshelf!

Do write back with reviews as well, all HONEST reviews are much appreciated – and they really help  OTHERS looking to get into the lifestyle or make a prospective and informed purchasing decision!!

​​​​​​​Mike Watson

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