Bhagwati Memsahib, Devis FEET, her soles, the feel on my hand… And her preference for DARK blue nailpaint!

Nailpolish. Nailpaint. Whichever!

It’s amazing I didn’t have a wet dream as yet. Perhaps soon. Ever since last night, Bhagwati has been on my mind – that lovely, almost 60 year older lady always is!

The feel of her foot on my hand, toes splayed out, the DARK blue she so prefers – both clothing wise and nailpolish wise – complementing her coal black skin so perfectly, the brilliant white teeth as she smiles, the knowing look, the callouses on her soles scraping my hands, the way she was so hesitant to put her other foot on my shoulder and relax on my recliner while I squat like a servile servant in front of her, then the way she did it finally – easing into it like the natural she is, my, man, memories!

Flooding bank, no pun.

Like the flood of cum I once released into her palm, gasping like a little bitch as she sucked my left nipple, the wisps of grey hair really did it!

Unlike the girl in Sin City Diaries she didn’t look at the blob of gelatinous liquid on her lovely dark palm with disgust, which in itself is so sexy. I’ve written about that before of course!

But as I squeezed her boobs, felt her lovely back, her waist, she gave me that knowing sly look.


Bhagwati “chalu” hai, said a certain Rachna ma’am cattily once.

Cunning she is. Like Madam Susan. That’s yet another reason I love these older ladies so!

I still remember the first time painting her toenails..

Ma’am, aapko kaun sa rang pasand hai?


(Ma’am, which color do you prefer?

Blue, she rasped back, noisinly crunching peanuts!)

She LOVES to eat.

And i so love massaging her tummy after she eats – feeling the food move about, so she can eat more, be greedier about it!

The way she eats chicken, the way she spits out the shells of peanuts, the way she gobbles halwa greedily, never giving or offering me any, I LOVE it!

A long time ago, a friend Rueben once said the following.

“Take a shit! You can then eat more!”

With Bhagwati, “Ma’am, pet ki malish kar deta hun! Khana pach jayega!”

And I’ll massage the rolls of fat on her waist gently while she relaxes, so her food digests better, quicker. It’s such an honor!!

This was something I didn’t even do for Ms Priyanka, despite the other ass worship. So, you can imagine!

It’s about always taking it to the next level.

It’s such an honor to then concentrate on the sides of her soles, “talwe” as they say in Hindi, which correspond to the stomach if I’m not mistaken..

. . . Back to nailpaint?

Ma’am, hatho pe?


Ma’am, what about on your hands?

She prefers light green there.

And so it is.

…. Id probably have written to you last night about this, for some reason I didn’t.

So in bed, with that raging boner I’ve had all night, writing to you NOW…

Maji , Paye Lagu!

You’re truly a Gooddess on Earth!

And I realise I just penned yet another tome to her. So it should be, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the existing odes to Bhagwati now, and start chanting, implementing – RIGHT AWAY. It’s is truly in selfless service that you truly GET – a lot!


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