Mistress Dana

A long long time ago, wayyyyy back in the day, I was with a girl who once wanted me to go counseling “for my foot fetish” and my submissive tendencies.

Remember that lady?

I’ve spoken about her a LOT, haven’t I?

Yes, I have, and written about her as well, but I’m thankful to her though, primarily for two things.

One, for solidifying my femdom desires even more.

I’ve always been the sort of people to whom when someone tells me “you cant do something”, It makes me want to do it even more.

And unlike the vast majority of people that WANT to do it, but don’t do more than want, I actually DO it.

It’s not surprising, actually. Any sort of taboo usually ends up in people pursuing that taboo more, if just for the “lure of the banned” item (think speakeasies etc back when that DID happen) – – and femdom and BDSM in general are no different.

Anyway, the second reason is nipples.

WAYYYY before my eventual introduction to Ms. Liao and all other lovely Chinese ladies I’ve written about SO much for whom nipple play with those lovely stubby fingers seems to be ingrained in them, along with the femdom and that LOOK in the eye (and the VIBE! ?), she was the one that introduced me to the pleasures of nipple play.

I still remember her sucking my nipples and bringing me to explosive orgasms of the nature I had never ever experienced before!

Perhaps that’s another reason I stayed with her so long. Not the orgasms, but she was experienced, and you readers know my “taste” for older women, hehe.

Of course, it’s never about age, as the youngest of Chinese women seem to be able to do the same thing and more with their fingers . . . !

Anyway, we went to her friends’s house once for vacation (on the outskirts of Memphis TN I believe it was).

And she was the bitchy sort for sure! Rich lady of Indian origin, and her rich Dad had bought her an entire farmhouse on which she lived with her boyfriend and an entire “menangerie” of animals as it were.

Dogs mostly, some big enough to swallow a man’s head in one gulp.

And yet, the gentlest creatures ever . . .At least to me they were!

Anyway, the two of them sometimes didn’t get along so well. My girl and Dana, that is . . . and one afternoon, after another “mini fight” my girl wanted to use her sauna.

She had an inbuilt jacuzzi and sauna at her house, and apparently it was off limits for the most part, and apparently she wanted to use it because they were childhood friends or whatever.

“Are you sure it’s ok”, I asked cautiously. I didn’t want to get into a MESS, that’s for sure! Hehe.

And she said it was.

So we went. And as I lifted up the toilet to use it, guess what I saw.

Something that caused me to write what about I did about Ms Priyanka all those years ago . . .

Something that literally caused my dick to rise not because of the nasty sight in front of me, but because of Dana’s bitchy Princess like attitude, and the way she often looked at me with THAT look in the eye . . . ?

(I later found out that a lot of the fights between them at that point was because my girl had snared the good looking guy (me) while she hadn’t, while normally it was the reverse . . . )

A huge, “perfectly” shaped elongated TURD floating in the bowl!

Eww, I said, but a shiver of lust passed through me anyway!

Mistress Dana is too good to wipe her own ass, boy!

Smack! I can almost feel that brown hand smacking the BACK of my head . . .

And of course, her job is to use the toilet – not flush it, boy!

These, and a lot more were things I actually DID for Ms. Priyanka, including wipe her ass with MOIST toilet paper no less, and her you know what wasn’t perfectly formed at most times.

Stomach issues. Hence the licking in the morning to “make her go”.

Extreme femdom in some regards, and an extreme turn on too!

Anyway, that trip wasn’t the most pleasant due to various reasons (I’ll write more in the next email about this) . . . but I still remember her.

Mistress Dana.

If only.

Only if.

You’d have been a perfect Goddess, Madam – in fact, you are! ?


Mike Watson

P.S. – For more such tales of Indian femdom, go right here –https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/

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