Meeting Ms. Chen

Dear Reader,

Well, it’s been a lengthy break as usual between posts – and I apologize – both to you ladies on the list (and believe me, I’m used to saying sorry in that regard if you get my drift ;)) – – and of course, to you gents that have remained faithful to Spicy and Erotic Fetish over the years …

I’ve been involved in several things as of late, one of those being my fitness business – and the other being dealing with importing and exporting goods – all of which has left me with precious little time – but a LOT OF DESIRE – to actually sit down and do what I’ve always wanted to do – and what I’ve done over the years – to WRITE – non stop.

I still remember the marathon writing sessions that culminated in not one book per week – or two – or three – it was more like 10 -12 per month, and that isn’t me exaggerating in the slightest!

What is more, I enjoyed every moment, and I’ll get back to it – but for now?

Well, in 2014 I wrote a little book “Meeting Ms. Chen” – along with another little gem – “Owned by Madam Aa Ling”.

Both reality mixed in with a dab of creative license – perhaps more – and both immensely popular and well received.

I’ll quote from a review beneath (Owned by Madam Aa Ling) –

During the Great Recession, Michael, an IT ,professional is laid off. He diligently searches for a job and happens upon an advertisement for teaching English in China. As his options in the US run out, he applies for a teaching job and flies out to China, where he is set up by Jesse, a Chinese coordinator, in an apartment, introduced to the school where he will teach and he begins teaching.

Michael is out of shape, fairly typical of IT workers and really admires Chinese women. For fun, he visits Chinese brothels and drinks too much. Then he runs into Aa Ling. 

She oozes sexuality, even though she does not measure up to his standards of beauty and their first meeting leaves him unsatisfied. During the course of their relationship, she places him in a position of inferiority that builds as his desires for her are never completely quenched. She takes him in hand and starts to improve his physique somewhat molding him to her liking.

The author tells this story from Michael’s perspective and builds wonderfully on his desires and fetishes, many planted into his mind by the imperious Aa Ling.


Now, as of late, I’ve been dealing with importing and exporting products as I said – from China, of course, and in the course of doing things several interesting things have happened.

First, I’ve met several interesting ladies along the way. In fact it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they’re ALL ladies – and ALL pretty interesting …

Second, though I’m the customer, for whatever reason I’ve ended up “waiting” on these ladies – as opposed to the “business servicing me” if you get my drift.

NO, BDSM was NOT on my mind when I approached these businesses – and yet – as they say – and as I say all the time in my books and novels, we can never truly get away from who we really are!

It’s your deepest desires – those embedded DEEP in your subconscious that manifests into reality in many ways – – and this, as I’ve written about over the years  has been happening to me on auto pilot.

It could be the Indian Goddess I met at the park. It could be the lovely Madam Beata, who very calmly accepted, and acknowledged the fact she was a true Queen – this coming from a customer, no less!

Or, it could be the lovely duo of Andrea and Cici, who seem to specialize in making me “wait” for responses – and more!

All very interesting indeed, but the crux of all this occured a few days ago when I was introduced to a lady “Ms. Chen” – who also, of course was imperious in her responses from the get go (that vibe!) – and of course, makes me wait for days to get a response.

I never ever mix business with “pleasure”, of course, but hey, at the end of the day – what can I say?

All I can say is thank you – whether I should or not – to these ladies – they, as I’ve said before in my writings, deserve every bit of it!

And as for whether or not I’ll really meet Ms. Chen – again – we’ll see.

The Ms. Chen in the story was a lady I did actually meet in the park, but I “changed names around a bit” to protect the “innocent” if you get my drift.

Here, though the lady is actually Ms. Chen – – and a lovely young lady from what I can tell too!

We’ll see how it goes – I’ll keep you posted. For now, have a great day – – and remember – – if you WANT it – bad enough – IT will come to you, not the other way around!


Mike Watson

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