Sometimes NOT using lotion is what gives you buttery soft baby soles…

Might sound very hard to believe I know. And don’t get me wrong. Lotion has its place for sure!

Yet, like all artificial and man made – Nature often has far better alternatives.

Napoleon hill spoke about this in his book Think and Grow Rich, and the chapter on sexual transmutation…when he said there’s plenty of artificial stimulants out there to get the subconscious mind working. But sexual desire is at the Top of that list – and it is! Hill says how folks that have used artificial stimulants primarily have succeeded, but ultimately ruined themselves. Goes for booze, tobacco, any of that stuff. Yes, weed too.

Not saying don’t do it, just saying Mother Nature knows best.

My own buttery soft soles have sparked a lot of interest – and when I say I’ve never got a pedicure or manicure, folks, girls especially that call them “baby soft” don’t believe it – even more so with my habits of wearing flip flops which supposedly leads to cracked soles, heels …

… d, thanks for the new pair of flip flops.

D is truly a devoted Emperor Mike fanatic, footboy and slave. He loves it! Sends when i tell him, no arguments. True findom lover!

My results come due to many reasons. Genetics ain’t one. Mentality is. You’d be Amazed at how the right THOUGHTS can not only manifest, but work what might seem miracles.

And for me, too much artificial often means – like with lotion – the body’s own compensatory techniques gets inhibited. I’ve seen better results often just doing NOTHING except good health practices and fitness. And think about it. Your body is by nature lazy. Why would it keep producing things it doesn’t need if you do that for it?

Guys taking T pills in the gym with tiny dicks, well, yet another proof there.

My fitness routines, yes.

Too much artificial is not good.

Nature has devised its own take care of methods for the feet. Ancestors walking barefoot for years never had these issues did they?

Remember the dingleberries I spoke about once – ugh?

And how a certain lovely Domme called me “what a good boy!” For cleaning assiduously back there, a spirit I talk about all the time in Sin City Diaries – and DO myself. Yes, for others too!

Yet, other side of the coin?

Too much cleaning back there can lead to cuts, abrasion.

As A certain Rachna Ma’am so adroitly once said, that area cleans itself beyond a certain point.

And she’s right.

None of this takes away from parlors, beauty treatments etc. women so deserve that! X

Neither am I saying don’t use lube back there….(do – you’re doing what nature wanted us to do there!)

(Think about the last statement carefully before jumping up and down)

But, natural always works best.

Life, femdom, vibe, all of it.

Mayanti Ma’am, I’ve no idea what you like like today. Maybe I’ll do a virtual Ahmedabad and see . Hehe.

And thats that!



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