Madam Wendy wanted to take me to a gay bar …

Dear Reader,

A while ago (I believe it was about a year or so ago) I met a lovely lady called Wendy online.

Yes, online as usual – and online as most of my reader base knows. That is how I’ve met (or should I say been fortunate enough to meet) Princess Joanie, the imperious and commanding Madam Sophia, Madam Ann, and many many more lovely Chinese ladies that took great pleasure in dominating, humiliating and generally “using” me for the time we were together.

And if you were to ask me if I would do it all over again – my answer would be a resounding YES. Or, as Madam Wendy liked to say “Yessssssss”!

The pleasure was all mine, and I’d gladly drop down to my knees right now and lick Madam Ann’s feet straight off a dirty city bus … ah,  but lest I deviate from the point at hand!

So I met this lady online – she was a recruiter of all things, and it soon progressed past the initial stage, of course.

I’ve often noted in my books and writings that VIBES are what truly count – and if the right submissive-Dominant vibe is present between two people – words often aren’t necessary at all. This might sound very strange to some, but ’tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true, and such is the nature of communication when we subconsciously communicate with others.

Anyhow, I soon got around to calling her Madam Wendy, as you might imagine. She is much, much younger than I am and giggled every time I called her Madam, of course – and as she was choosing a nice frilly red dress for me (I remember I wanted pink!) – she brought it up.

“You’ll put nailpolish on too, Michael!” (titter, titter)

“Isn’t that boy, Madam?” (shy)

“Ha, ha, ha! How about girl?”

“Yes, Madam Wendy! Your bitch, of course…”

(Bear in mind this was an online conversation, and the emotions were indicated by the corresponding emoticons).

And a short while later …

“We’ll go shopping together. Two girls, hand in hand. ”

*giggle, giggle”

“Later, I’ll take you to that gay bar we have here in Shenzhen!”

And that was a bit of a bombshell, as until now, I hadn’t really considered anything of the nature with her. Dressing up, rubbing her feet, cleaning her house (and her bathroom, of course!) were all things we had done together, but no sex of any nature (unless you consider a wank at her feet to be sex – I do!) – but other men??

Gay bar??

And yet, as she said that, and as I looked at the red dress she picked out for me, I felt aroused – even more so than when I was at her feet.

And if I was with her in person, rubbery as my legs had become, I’d probably drop down and kiss her feet, and say thank you!

“Does Madam want to see other men admire me?”


“Does Madam want to see other men touch me”

“Grab your ass. Look at you. You can dance with them while I drink wine” (titter, titter, titter … peals of laughter)

“Does she like to watch me with other men?”

A long, pregnant pause …

“Does she like me sucking dick” (shy, shy, shy)

Peals of laughter again, and while words weren’t necessary (she never did answer directly) – her import was clear!

Now, what happened later that night is a story I’ll get into later, but since we’ve been talking about mental conditioning, it should be said here that this girl had a boyfriend (albeit one that was in a different country at the time) – a guy she DID have actual sex with.

And she’d often talk about him with me, just like one girl would to the other. I’d share advice, much as a sympathetic girlfriend would, hehe, but I must confess I felt twinges of jealousy on occasion.

“I’m a man, and here am I, talking about her with other men …”

“Am I not good enough …”:

And this sort of thing, my friend is way more common than you’d think.

Lots of guys want to be dominated, but when it comes to the real thing, they experience feelings of guilt or want to back out. Or, they want to do it “their way” – in other words, they want to write the script in terms of what exactly she can do, and what she can’t.

And let me tell you right now – it doesnt work that way, and it’s not half as much fun that way if it isn’t spontaneous.

It’s supposed to be about her – and you ENJOYING that!

And it comes as no surprise that lots of women enjoy seeing two men together. After all, don’t most men enjoy the whole “lesbian” thing? If not, why not ladies?

And why do I bring all this up?

Well, mental conditioning, my friend.

As a male sub, you WANTED to be her bitch. You did not really want to have sex with her – you wanted to be dominated and humiliated, but now that that is happening, you’re experiencing guilt trips, and (likely) “guilt tripping” the lady too (and believe me, when I first started out, I’ve been guilty of this too!)

You wanted her feet. You wanted her with other men – with large, juicy cocks – REAL MEN – and you wanted to serve at those men’s feet too!

And the key to making all this work for you, my friend – is CONDITIONING.

In Cuck Central, I wrote about the importance of proper communication and KNOWING what it is you want – and then STICKING to that. Being an adult, in other words.

Way too many cuckold relationships, for one, break up either because the woman doesnt really want that sort of thing in her life – or – and equally commonly – the man gets jealous.

Not good – and NO, while every female dominated relationship doesnt have to progress down the cuck route – that is just an example of why the proper mental conditioning is so important – both for the male sub – and his Lady!

And on that sanguine note, it’s adios for now, my friend. I’ll be back again tomorrow!

If you’re a lady – make sure to slap your sub a couple of times today (at the very least) to remind him (her, hehe) of “her” place – and if youre a male sub – make sure to kiss her ass both literally and figuratively at least three times, if not more!!

Write back, and let us ALL know how it goes!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is the link again for Cuck Central

P.S #2 – Tomorrow, I’ll talk about my own experience sucking cock – or at least one of them. Stay tuned!

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