More on Sophia Ma’am – and her STUD(s) …

I dont know, but the last time I spoke about him – the beautiful sexy young boy as Madam told me he was – she thanked me!


Well, she had forgotten to message him, and I was a good reminder service for her to message her boyfriend! (or, stud).


Her stud from Turkey … one of the most erotic things she ever told me, yet, she said SO MANY erotic things!

I have not spoken to her in a while, yet, I remember her last commands, irritated, as I suggested the Ben Affleck movie “Deep Water” to her. Hehe. Affleck by the way is a great great actor, and ALL his movies, well, most – seem to have some degree of fetish in it which I LOVE! 🙂


She kept saying that impatiently after sending me a shot of her SOLE – dirty, uncared for, calloused. Hehe.

And she said it rather rudely!

While lying down in bed, I was reminded of that lovely sole, if I saw it now?

I’d literally beg to suck her boyfriend’s dick.

Be humiliated by Maam.

As she always humiliates me!

“You good for nothing FOOL!”

Buy me this, BOY!

Take care of my kids while I relax!

And begging her, or Madam Su, or any of the so many dominant ladies I’ve had the pleasure of serving and continue to – my, what a RUSH AND A HALF!

Begging to take care of their kids, to praise their lovers, to SCRAPE the dirt off their soles with your teeth, and many, many other humiliating things (Humiliation Central has plenty more of this – haha) … and most of all, for them to RAPE your wallet, and you do nothing except give – MY!

The very core and essence of true femdom, always and all about HER, and thats the bottom line!

And this is just yet another ode to that SPIRIT, the mind being the most important, the sole, that ONE SOLE SHOT AND HOW IT DRIVES US SUBS INSANE!

And I’ve written so many times – tomes – both about that havent I?

Anyway – to magnetize this sort of femdom into YOUR life on a daily basis, get going with your affirmations now, and back it up with the most comprehensive guide on attracting dominant females EVER.

And that, my friend is that.

Do what Mike Watson tells you, you’ll attract more femdom than you EVER imagined possible into your life – and QUICKEST!



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