Miss Akira almost made me cum in my pants!

And thats the story for the day. Hehe.

I first saw this lovely dame – damsel – Goddess- Mistress- Asian lady – whatever you call her – yesterday on the Twitter feed of another lovely dominating lady that truly believes in femdom that I Wrote about yesterday!

And she’s just so gorgeous!

Being I was exhausted yesterday, I didnt write much on her …

But today, as I see her two videos – well, just glimpses, but her EYES do it!

First one is nothing, just a sneak preview of Madam dancing, but the way she suddenly whips her hand out from behind her – and gives you the FINGER – that middle finger – fingernail painted GREEN – and along with those EYES – oh my! Edit on Nov 3, 2022 – SOPHIA MA’AM loves Green too!

And we all know HER, hehe.

Mistress Malice, a lady I knew YEARS back – who lived with, I believe, another dominatrix from the UK – I forget her name, and she’d probably whip me for doing so too! But she was GORGEOUS! – would probably agree.

Mistress Malice was into nipple play. Oh my! BIG TIME!

I still remember “soleserver” a guy in the UK saying “she almost tore my nipples off”. Hehe.

But anyway, Miss Akira?

I dont know if she’s Japanese.

But those eyes, full of GLINT, MALICE, and EXCITEMENT – and she KNOWS!

And she’s so natural at it!

As I posted (simped) today on Twitter ..

What a Goddess! Looking at this, I almost “came in my pants!” Which I often do, denied as I am … hehe.??

Eyes that are IMPOSSIBLE to resist. That natural SPARK in them! ??

(there was more, I bet. Hehe).

And thats that for now.

Some ladies just HAVE IT!

Actually, they all do, you just gotta BRING out the inner femdom. Hehe.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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