How my significant other HUMILIATES me daily without even TRYING CONSCIOUSLY!

Mistress – or Madam – or Goddess – Rachna, as the case might be – is just another “culmination” of what I’ve been saying all along – in order to attract femdom, or any meaningful result into your life – TRULY attract, the MIND is key, the SUBCONSCIOUS IS KEY!

For an extremely “submissive” woman to turn into the imperious, royal, humiliating force of nature she is today – taking advantage of men galore around here (usually cuckolds, hehe) – turning more and more into the archetypical “lazy” woman us submissives so love – in YET another profound pose, one leg tucked underneath her, another LONG FAT leg, perfectly WAXED, stretched out, the SOLE showing … MY!

Profound Poses– Vol #3 is well on the way – haha.

A long time ago I Remember my mother arguing with her maid “I dont sit with my feet up all day and order you, do I?”

True, she didnt.

But she dominated in other ways.

And my current Madam right now by association with her – and me together (it did not work when it was just with my mother) has truly turned into that and more.

Most days she’ll be sitting for hours – SOLES staring at me as I walk in, she wont even ackowledge me – her SOLE won’t even do that !

Even if I have to tell her something, her eyes will be glued to her precious phone, she wont even look at me – she DOES look at her other servants – haha – me?

She truly treats me like chattel, LOWEST OF THE LOW!

Now, lifewise for her this “lazy” attitude might not be good – but hey, who am I to say?

She’s got a cuck serving her in terms of money – haha.

And thats all Madam cares about! Boy, that SOLE staring at me as I walk in – this last email I sent here – well, read it in conjunction with this one!

Just so IMPRERIOUS, dominating, commanding, and … DISMISSIVE, my, I could PROSTRATE TO THAT SOLE ALL DAY, NO PUN INTENDED!!!!!

Talk to it, as Susan taught me! (which I knew, but respect to her anyway!)

Talk to her soles, boy, not HER!

Get to know THEM, get to know her asshole, not HER! Literally the lowest parts of her body, and they’re above YOU, boy!

… MY! (Reference this book series for more on that!)

She also talks to me as “tu” – which for a significant female other in India is a complete NO – it’s highly disrespectful, and thats fine, so it SHOULD BE! *as I’ve said before, Hindi is one of those languages where words ; the way they’re used REALLY change the intent and tone behind them*.

Now, as I walk in, exercise, see her sitting casually there on the sofa all day long on her phone – well, point of this email?

To attract female domiance like this into YOUR life – well, do what is mentioned in this course here – A complete guide to understand dominant ladies from mainland China – it works for ALL ladies, even any GOAL you want to magnetize to YOU in your life! Yes, finances included, as Napoleon Hill once said in Think and Grow Rich, attracting money to you is much like wooing a maiden, many of the same techniques must be used …

… And, of course AFFIRM.

Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations causes BELIEF to occur and SPROUT at the deepest levels, once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to happen.

I modified the Claude Bristol truism a “Wee” bit – no pun intended, and it’s every bit as true as it sounds.

So start affirming via the affirmations RELIGIOUSLY here ..

And thats that – back soon!



PS – Another real life example of what I say above?

Pooja Memsahib JI …! Who literally took femdom to giddy limits even I had never experienced before, and it all happened because of the mind techniques above. MY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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