Deep water, unwilling cucks – and more!

Produced by Amazon studios of all things, hehe. I knew – as usual – I made the right “gut” choice when I was looking around for movies to watch to while away the time this evening.

Truth be told, I’m not really a Ben Affleck fan, and so though I knew about this 2022 release before, I didnt really watch it.

But tonight I read the description, sounded interesting, and therefore, but the description made it sound like it was a consensual arrangement between a couple where…


Thats the LAST thing the movie seems like (i.e. the setting) – consensual!

I’m only half way into the movie so cannot tell you how the ending will be etc, but if anything – this movie is a prime example of why it should always be safe, sane and consensual – and the lady in the movie while as “slutty” as ever, kissing men in front of her husband (Affleck) – ordering him to bring them drinks – he does the cooking and cleaning (she sometimes volunteers to do dishes) – he takes off and puts on her shoes – he gives her massages every night, eats her ass out religiously, she almost bites his dick off if he so much as dances with another chick … and so forth.

He’s the perfect cuck – so it would seem!

Not so much sissy, but cuck – there is a difference!

And what he DOES – well, my Chinese femdom tales for one, exactly what is done there! (or the Indian femdom ones for that matter).

But – big difference?

Throughout the half of the movie thus far, you can see one thing – he’s NOT happy about all of this.

We still dont know why he puts up with it, given he’s clearly not into being cuckolded, but he continues to be “the perfect husband” as it were, letting his wife do what she likes, embarass him with other men in front of his friends (who keep telling him to “rein her in”) …

… hell, looking at Affleck, big, hulking, strong, even the “studs” feel uneasy, so does the viewer – it’s “violence waiting to explode”, albeit understated!

Which that part is realistic, a lot of cucks look anything BUT that. Hehe.

But in this case, the main thing isn’t that.

It’s how HIS feelings are never discussed, talked about, the wife says he’s boring, so she does what she likes – and thats that as far as I can tell.

And the movie’s about all the “Studs” mysteriously getting murdered, all of them dating his wife …

He actually tells one of them he killed the last one.

People almost find it hard to believe, given he’s ex military etc, but thats … well, I wont give the story away, but it’s a true lesson on how NOT to cuckold and FORCE someone into something they dont want!

Its interesting, my lovely wife was telling me about not forcing someone as well, except that person worked for a someone she knew, which is different.

But cuckolding – man, COMMUNICATION is the most important thing – and there is NONE here.

I’ve said in Cuck Central – things can go AWFULLY wrong if its not done right.

Relationships can break up – and worse.

Other hand, talk about it, take BOTH partners into consideration, and it can work very well!

There is NO in between here – unless you stop at the fantasy, and many true cucks wont … same thing for many true cuck queens!

And that, my friend is the lesson of the day.

You CAN go all the way.

But the one thing that is a must is bringing it up and doing this the right way, and taking BOTH partners into consideration, or it will NEVER work, period.

Again, there is no in between, the jealousy issues etc, can all get overwhelming very quickly.

Guys – and gals both – be READY for it mentally first!

And thats what Cuck Central focuses upon the most, the mental part, how to get HER truly involved – which is the real key for most couples, not so much the guy…

And it outlines the exact things every perfect cuck should do as well.

If you’re looking to introduce cuckolding in the right way into your relationship – well, look NO further than this book, and be prepared to (if you follow the instructions) to experience what you NEVER Have in your relationship before as well – what you never thought was even possible!

On that note, I’m out.

Back soon (after the movie, I guess, hehe).


Mike Watson “the real Mc Coy of femdom and all things fetish related!”.

PS – The name of the movie is “Deep Water”. Truly apt, cuckolding is DEEP, and so it should be, so consider carefully FIRST and plan – and prepare – and THINK – long and hard – pun intended – first!

Thats not to dissuade you from it.

It’s me just saying ….

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