Women should always withhold sex!

Yes, what I’m about to say might not sound too good (or what I’ve said already, hehe) for most men.

But it’s true!

Madam Ann of Serving Ann (what a lovely Goddess she was!) had THIS to say about why she broke up with her last boyfriend.

“He wanted too much sex! He would wake me up in the middle of the night, demanding sex. He’d want it every night before bed! And . . . “

And while some women may like that, I don’t know a single woman that likes it if the man can’t LAST in bed long enough to satisfy her, and I suspect Madam’s last boyfriend was that sort. Hehe.

And yet, he wouldn’t come to terms with who he was, a true CUCK for Madam . . .

Anyway, what she said was manna from heaven from me, of course!

“Madam, I think women should always withhold sex from men!” was my response.

Madam Ann giggled in that manner only she could!

“Yes. You’re so right!”

And then after a pause . . . “well, we can do sometimes! Once a week, for health!”

And little did I know that there were ways to “do it for health” without even the mandatory once a week session.

If I (and Madam!) had known about P spot sessions at the time of being together, it would have been a different story altogether, hehe.

We DID know about ruined orgasms though. And about ruining mine! ?

And we did know about blowjobs, which Madam didn’t mind doing for me . . . but sometimes! ?

And of course, I told her the following too (sometimes while she was doing the blowjob which made it all the more sexier)

“Madam, you should date other more handsome men too!”

Giggle, giggle, and that satisfied SMIRK (and yes, the BJ’s got LESS as time went on, and that’s how I liked it for the most part as well).

And even if you aren’t into femdom, I’ve written tomes about the benefits of male chastity before my friend.

Click away, and you’ll see what I mean . . . and if you’re one of the breed of ladies (and there may be a lot out there) that like their alpha males pounding them late a t night and in the middle of the night?

Well, Madam Pearl did. Madam Su certainly did! And they had their cake and ate it too, and so can YOU, ladies!

I love ladies that withhold sex from their men, and for obvious reasons, and for reasons stated in the post. Thank you so much ladies; I don’t know why I said this (obvious) bit again, but I’m saying it! Hehe.

Best, and to being CUCKED AND LOCKED,

Mike Watson

P.S. – I recently wrote a piece about a similar topic i.e. me NOT wanting sex on my Medium account right HERE.

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