The LONG and short of it, and his GUTTURAL MOANS – more on it!

Guttural MOANS as he cums – explodes – REAL man – that dEEP sexy VOICE – and so forth?

I’ve written tomes on that before!

But manifestation on auto pilot “instantly” aside – hehe – I received an audition today for Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, that though is “raw” and requires some “work” – I knew was perfect.

The minute I heard a certain Daniel’s voice for this – I KNEW he was perfect for the role.

Like in one of James Hadley Chase’s novels (where a gigolo seduces a nymph and more) – that DEEP sexy CONTRALTO voice – my!

Now, it requires some work, I’ve let him know of this, I have every faith and confidence he will take that on board – he’s said he will!

And, as suspected, he’s into BDSM too – a very dominant alpha married to an equally dominant LADY! Hah.

My, I wrote about the “short” of it here today.

But I’ve had plenty of long too!

Long cocks, his is likely white and LONG – tubular, and beautifully cut! xo

I’d SMOOCH THAT HEAD (I haven’t even seen it as yet, but I can feel it, imagine it!)

And, that tube, that dong, I’d already so worship it as it pokes out of his PANTS – I saw the guy’s picture on Audible, and PURE DOMINANCE screams out ..!

Anyway – ya’ll should stay tuned for the Audible version of both Humiliation Central – and this book of course.

And, speaking of long, Penis Central has all the long luscious sexy penises you’d ever want to worship!

Grab these now – and as always, thank you – and leave a written review via the links in your download email, and every review, remember, gets an auto 10% off your NEXT PURCHASE!



Mike Watson

PS – Long feet and SOLES too – my!  (her mans penis wasn’t that long, but it was LOVELY! Haha) I became SUCH A SISSY FOR IT!

Anyway – long soles?

Like Madam Cynthia’s for one, she’s done SUCH A SUPERLATIVE job with the Garima Madam series!

Men’s (dominant) feet are usually long and narrow – women – it depends, yours truly, well as Carol said “your foot just like girls! Hehe”.

And so it goes.

And MC has captured the spirt of all that so well – thank you Ma’am!!

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