“Get to it then! Chop Chop!”

I was thinking about something completely unrelated – about the military, actually!

And it popped into my mind, for some strange reason, that elite military units – say Marines, Seals, perhaps (definitely) the “Shin Bet” in Israel, most definitely the Spetsnaz in Russia and so forth – – can pretty much “chop” up a human body the way you and I would a chicken, maybe or veggies.

And that brought back memories of a lovely Amazonian Goddess calling me pathetic, and then telling me to get it.

“Get to it then, boy! Chop Chop!” 

Madam didnt say “boy”, but she might well have!


So dominating, I love those long soles, the way she does it.

Her IG got banned, apparently, I wish I could point her to the long post/email I once did about why you should not rely on these third party services for anything – period.

But I’m not sure Madam would fully listen to me, but then again, why would a woman listen to a sissy man, or a man anyway. Hehe.

She shouldn’t. It’s her right not to!

Anyway ………

Thats what I wanted to share.

“Get to it NOW, boy! Chop chop!” 

I can almost hear the veggies being cut as she relaxes, wine in hand, waiting for her dinner. Hehe.

And you on this list a lot of you have been waiting to buy some of our Chinese femdom books – and Indian femdom books – well, I dont understand what the “delay” is on this one.

So to you reading this – get to it NOW.

Chop Chop!


Mike Watson

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